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memory leak



Now I know this has come up before. So sorry to revisit it.

I have gone back to playing KSP after some months in Elite world.

I have installed latest update and updated all the mods that i am aware of.

Now after playing for 3 to 4 hours.

Ram starts at about 6 gig's Then Increases over time to double.

Current game running since 0800 this morning to just now 12:46.

Ram now 15.6 Gig's. Ouch.

Now the game runs fine but when in the assemble building it gets very lagged.

So I just Save and reboot. After 3-4 hours who cares.

Is this an introduced bug or an ongoing issue. Or indeed a Mod Issue. Anyone of the three I guess.

Thought I would pop in and get peoples reactions.

Regards Stephen  AKA  Lankspace  Space Fairing Kerbal.



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No help from me I'm afraid, but I can confirm that my unmodded install of 1.9 on Mac OS Catalina does exactly the same. I've got 32GB and KSP eats it all within a couple hours.


Not that I play it all that much now, 1.9 has introduced so many bugs I can't even reliably save a game anymore.

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