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1. https://splasho.com/upgoer5/

2. This is me explaining basic KSP using only the 10k most common English words. (yes it’s based on that one xkcd)

3. I have no idea where to put this. It’s in Fan Works for now.

4. I’m using way too much bold.

5. Here we go! This will be updated. When I’m happy and finished I will say so and leave this to die in page 7 of fan works.

6. THIS WONT BE VERY ACCURATE REMEMBER THAT PLEASE because I have a very limited word choice THANKYOU

7. I will be excepting words in ‘single quotes’. I need them sometimes to define things.

8. Here we go! Fr now :)

KSP Explained

with the ten thousand most common English words

1. What is KSP

The game Kerbal Space Program is 

A game that you pay for that shows space and going to space pretty well. It has big space car things that make fire to help them go really fast into space. Sometimes you can decide to have small green people ride into space. You control the big space cars using your computer. Even the real people who do real things in space really like this game.


Part of the thing I am writing that lets you find all the other parts of the thing I am writing

How to launch a rocket


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1 minute ago, linuxgurugamer said:

Boldly going where...... oh, nevermind

I'm laughing and groaning at the same time. It makes me cough. HELP



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How to

Launch a Rocket in KSP


How to make a burning space car that makes fire go very fast into space

1. Go into the building that helps you make space cars

2. Press the thing that lets you control your space car (it is black and looks small and tall). It will appear inside the space that you can move in

3.Now also put the thing that says ‘Hammer’ (in the part that says ‘Engines’) onto the black part

4. Go to ‘ Utility ‘ and put the part that says ‘Parachute’ on.

5. Go to the part near the bottom that says ‘STAGE’. It will have a small white picture and a different small white picture. There will also be smaller different colored things. The one with two lines on it will be the one you want to press. Then drag the picture that looks kind of like the second part you added down into the empty box.

6.There is a green box near the top. Press it and the thing you see will change.

7. Press space bar. There will be a lot of fire.
8.After the fire ends, press space bar again and the part at the top will become big and you will slow down.

9. Congrats!

(Did you know that “congratulations” is not one but “congrats” is? Also, “orange” is not one but “green” is. Wow)

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24 minutes ago, The_Cat_In_Space said:

*Fancy exploding stick :p 

**Large burning stick that goes very fast

Doesn’t it say something about humanity that “computer” is one of the 10k most common words?


good thing I’m a Kerbal!

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