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Locking robotic parts moves other unrelated parts around permanantly


So the problem i have right now is... i have my hinges and servos for the landing leg set to lock in custom action group 1 since unlocking them made my landing gears freak out and bounce my ship when landed.

As you can see in the video, when i press action group 1, my parts starts moving especially the ones connected to my wing. In the video i kept pressing action group 1 in order to demonstrate this phenomenon.

They just move around and stays there forever afterward. I have to launch the vessel again every time.

The servos for my wing's rotation isn't set to my action group so they shouldn't interfere with me locking bottom robotics.

Here is the link to my craft file. https://www.dropbox.com/s/oajcn7o6mzuwlwx/MY bubble test.craft?dl=0

I havent used any mods for this vehicle.

I have enabled autostrut and rigid attachments pretty much everywhere except the robotic parts since they stopped working when i turned autostrut on.





And is there a way to stop my centre core of ships rotating? I just want the engine and wing part to rotate while the centre part of the ship stays balanced.

And how do i stop my wings from wobbling even tho i have enabled autostrut on? Thank u in advance.


Edit- there is a canard attached to the tail which seems to move together in the video. I disabled all the control surface on them so that it doesn't move on its own.

(Just wanted to let you know that it isn't caused by it)


edit2) if anyone wants to download the vessel and check what’s causing it, here’s how to do it.

1-spawn the vessel.

2-Use kal1000 or rotate servos so that engine is pointed downwards.(where the tiny con is located is the intake)

3- takeoff and press 1.(action group1 to unlock robotic parts at the bottom for landing gear)

4-Press 3 to use robotics for landing gear. Retract the gear with g key.

5-use wing servos to control the thrust vector. 
then if u keep pressing 1 u will see there definitely is a problem.

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More info on recreating the problem
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Oerks! That's pretty extreme.

The landing legs have fixed autostruts to the heaviest part, so when you lock the hinges they'll try to get an autostrut to the tanks on the rotating wings. Maybe it will help if you have a "fixed" heaviest part that is not on any moving structure. Maybe it helps if you lock the servos for the wings before locking the hinges for the landing legs. But that's "maybe". I don't really have a good idea how to solve this.

7 hours ago, One eyed Smile said:

And is there a way to stop my centre core of ships rotating?

Not really. Rotating the wings creates a torque and that torque will rotate you craft somewhat. If you had SAS locked to a fixed position (e.g. a control point that looks up and SAS set to radial out) the SAS would do a better job of keeping your craft steady. (But still probably not a perfect job.)

7 hours ago, One eyed Smile said:

And how do i stop my wings from wobbling even tho i have enabled autostrut on?

Locking the servos should help. But that will also freeze the position of the wings at the time the lock takes hold, i.e. freeze them mid-wobble, which may not be what you want.

One (somewhat cheaty) thing that might help you is to have a set of fixed jet engines for horizontal flight, which are not connected to the wings. That way there is a lot less mechanical load on the wings which should keep them from moving and probably also reduces the wobbling. Maybe just have two sets of fixed engines: one for horizontal flight and one for vertical flight, and then instead of rotating them only switch from one set to the other.

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