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KSP Loading... Preview: Laythe Revamp

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15 hours ago, VoidCosmos said:

Okay. That's nice. But,

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Where are the clouds?


On Eeloo? Clouds would make no sense.

On Kerbin? They're there already.

What I want to know is why was that in a spoiler?

Sorry that post came right after an unrelated pic of Eeloo and I misunderstood.

I assume Laythe will get clouds when Kerbin gets clouds.

I assume those will both happen in KSP2. :D


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37 minutes ago, tkw said:


What about old water texture details from KSP 0.13.3.

Because it makes it feel more alive than the modern version.

Comparing Simple Rockets 2 and KSP is not a smart thing to do, I know, but just look at the water texture there as well. It almost looks like Scatterer but takes a lot less performance to run. It's basically free in terms of performance. Squad has some pretty good shaders (as evidenced by all the recent planet revamps), so doing something like this should be a no-brainer. 

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4 hours ago, KerikBalm said:

Awww yisss, but these new ground textures and shaders just make the old water textures look even worse.

Oh, well, there's scatterer for that.

me who was forced to play on an old 4gb computer bc old one broke

what about Life on Laythe? People were spamming the comments of the yt vid about how Matt Lowne is “happy” “crying out in laughter”. Where are da memes?¿ ¿hmmm?

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@The Aziz I hope that you are right, but with Kerbin, Laythe, and Eve done, the all the planets with water have been redone. To me, it would have made sense to do the water at the same time as the planet makeover, but I guess not.

I guess at some later time we'll be getting new water for all bodies at once (I would hope at once, once you've done one ocean, its not hard to do another 2... at least based on how scatterer does water).

And... I think its fairly easy to be patient when we have scatterer, which does exactly what I want (but didn't do anything for the ground textures). Still, It would be nice if this revamping brought KSP visually past the old KSP with scatterer installed (ie, make a stock scatterer, and with the improved ground texture/shader, its way better)

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On 6/12/2020 at 4:09 PM, Lewie said:

Kudos to Squad for creating these amazing revamps, they are truly stunning. @Squd has gone above and beyond with ksp, and I can barely say how thankful we are for their non-stop dedication to the game.

But it’d be really nice if console could be updated....I do know that the Squad doesn’t update console themselves but yeah. 

Well in the announcement post for 1.10, it did say coming soon to Consoles, which is pretty weird for them to post something like that in a post for a PC update 

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