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opening saved rockets



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There are a bunch of craft that were created by the KSP developers, that we call "stock" craft. They are there as examples to show you what is possible, and to allow you to tinker with them to make them better. If you don't want to see them, there is a button you can unclick in the difficulty settings that says "Include stock vessels".

The "steam" craft were created by other players, who were proud of their creations and uploaded them for everybody to see. You don't have to look at that tab if you don't want. If you want to make it go away, I think you need to log out of steam before playing.


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Hi @alax2255, welcome to the forums.

"VAB" is the Vehicle Assembly Building, in this tab you find craft that you saved from there and rocket type craft from other sources
"SPH" is the Space Plane Hangar, used for planes...
And via the "Steam" tab you can download craft that others shared via the Steam workshop.

When you start a new game with the "easy" difficulty settings (or activate the corresponding option in the difficulty settings manually) then it will also list the "Stock" craft. These are craft made by the game developers as an example for new players, so feel free to test them out. Have a look at the "description" once you loaded a craft to see what it was intended to do.

Any craft that you saved in the game should also show up in the list, but it might take a bit of searching to find it. Craft that you designed and save in another game will not show up. You'll have to copy the craft file manually (have a look here: How can I save my rockets?).

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