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Elon Musk isn't the wholesome god-king who's dragging us into a better future everybody pretends he is. He's a savvy businessman, sure, but he's not an engineer, and does none of the actual work the companies he bought does. He's a rich apartheid heir who's just like every other billionaire: greedy beyond the point of losing your human compassion. There's even proof he's the one who beat up Amber Heard. His greatest achievement has been creating an army of internet fanboys ready to defend him at a minutes' notice by using out-of-date memes and Twitter. None of the things people praise him for have been done by him, he didn't "found" Tesla, or SpaceX, or Neuralink. He bought the rights to call himself the founder. News outlets and the internet need to stop saying stuff like "Elon Musk is making a microchip for your brain!" and start saying "Neuralink is creating microchips for your brain!".

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Yah, I don't like him either, I really don't like his fanboys, and I really, really don't like it when folks say "Elon is doing X, Y and Z!" Since when do we say "Bill Gates is building a new computer", or "Tory Bruno is building a new rocket"? IDK about the other stuff. Maybe he was, but I don't think he is now.  I wonder how the forum is split on this issue. 50-50? 70-30?

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My unpopular opinion is that KSP should stay a niche community, for when things become popular


It goes downhill.


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5 hours ago, Vezbot said:

Here is an unpopular opinion, I don't see a difference between organic and regular produce. I just think it's a reason to increase the price.

I agree. Organic is usually worse for the environment, anyways. And less healthy; not as many nutrients.

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