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After ten in game years, I finally hauled a class E asteroid into Kerbin. I had to refuel using other crafts form nearby planets. I had to use my Dres base, my Duna base, and my Minmus base. I don't know if you can mine asteroids? I noticed that it said (ore: -----%). So how would I mine it? I mean I cant land on it. So how do I deploy a drill? I have a dozen probes around a the asteroid already.

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The answer is to use a Klaw - advanced grabbing unit. With it grabbed, poke your drills in and 'start asteroid harvester' on them.  Don't forget cooling and an engineer if you're in a hurry!

Edit: of course you would have used a Klaw, that's how you hauled it, right?

Still, it really is as simple as poking in your drills and telling them to harvest.

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You call that a mining rig? This is a mining rig:



SCNR :) (It's to be manned by a 5-star engineer and reduces an asteroid to rubble as fast as you can juggle the tanks. The radiators run a bit hot after a few hours.)

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