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KSP Loading... Preview: Suit picker!


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We know how much you like to pick the right suit for each mission. With the new Suit Picker you will be able to choose whatever suit and color you want and even customize your own! This feature will be available in 1.10!


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1 minute ago, nascarlaser1 said:

In the thumbnail for the video, I believe its:
ESA suit, Default Suit, and Breaking Ground Suit.

The suit on the left is the Making History suit, I believe. It seems like the ESA suit is a variant of the normal suit.

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This is pretty neat! Is there any chance that there could be a couple of template textures included in the distribution somewhere for players to create their own skins really easily? This is a lot easier to visualise now exactly how your Kerbals are going to look out on the field. :D 

One thing that still, after all these years, bugs me is that the all the text for each Kerbal is not aligned. I'm surprised the coathanger button wasn't right aligned to start with. Could be a great opportunity to review the UI? 


I brought the same thing up just over 2 years ago and the post got a lot of traction: 


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What fun!  We will have to create a community Kerbal disco to go with all the colourful outfits.


Also, before any dangerous mission in which the likelyhood of failure and death is high, we can make sure all Kerbals involved are first dressed in red suits.  That is how the universe is supposed to work.

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15 minutes ago, Stamp20 said:

Looks amazing! Only question I have is how will we add custom suit textures?

Possibly via a directory like Flags are currently, i.e. drop a correct (size/aspect/format) image in .../KerbalSpaceProgram/GameData/Squad/Flags/ and it appears in-game

.../KerbalSpaceProgram/GameData/Squad/Suits/ perhaps?

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That’s got to be the best feature added to the game since docking. Everything since then has just been faffing about.


ok, really though, this is lovely.

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I don’t even know what I’m going for here, but I’m so excited!
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Oh. My. Kraken. This is SO amazing!!!WHOOHOO!

heck, I might get bg just for that suit....

dang. @SQUAD you guys have outdone yourselves. This is amazing.....squuuuee!

I just noticed this...finally we can have the four og kerbals have orange suits outside of the command pods!

when I saw that you can remove the helmet for eva....what happens when you try to eva them on a atmosphere-less body like Minmus? Will they start to eat Minmus?

And the customizable suit idea seems awesome! But is that a stock feature, or do you have to create the suit and download it into the game files? Cus if so, that’s bad news for us console players...

speaking of which....Squad, I’m a huge fan of what you guys have done, it’s truly amazing. There’s nothing like ksp out there. Nothing remotely close to it. But....console is on version 1.6....I know you guys aren’t personally responsible for updating console....but I really hope that we can get 1.7-1.10 soon after the pc release. Actually....I’m thinking of just being done with console. It’s buggy(well, more buggy then pc)it runs poorly, is outdated and of course, mods are out of the question. Yea, I’ve made up my mind....ksp is on sale rn, so heck, I’m going to get it. The pc version is much, much better then console....

sorry for the rant. 

Once again, Squad, this is amazing! I can’t wait for this update, it is just flat out amazing. 


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9 minutes ago, nestor said:

Placing textures in the GameData folder and some cfg magic. 

Yarg, this is what I was afraid of....SCREW IT I’m just DONE wiht ksp Enhanced edition. 

I’m going to get ksp on pc. Crap....no I have to buy the dlcs again....and lose all of my progress....eh....I’m just done with console.

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