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                                                                                 North Kerbin Dynamics Renewed

B-83Castle bravoFOABMOABTsarbomba




Harpwner-Original mod

Quabbo-Fab family modeland texture

Uprise951-Fab 9000 model and texture


The first 21 second is the showcase of B-83 and THX space scumbag for using NKDR in the first 21 second of your video :D

B-83,Castle bravo,FOAB,MOAB and lastly Tsar bomba

North kerbin dynamic is now ported to 1.9.1 (Experimental in 1.11.0)  This mod add plenty of bomb including nuclear one,and some conventional bomb is also in this mod.Originally developed by harpwner this mod hasn't been update in a while and some bomb are not working so i decide to update it.Now there are plenty of bomb working including Tsar bomba,Castle bravo,B-83,Moab and all other that i haven't mention(All the gun and turret are still not working).Currently all bomb are in the missile tab i will change that later.Mirv and  B-61 are deleted due to malfunction i will re-introduced them soon.All the hard work came from harpwner so please support him.

Direct download link 0.0.15https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Yzh3ShXzvAovpJEQBmW41VK3mgXTNon9/view?usp=sharing Screen-Shot-2563-07-19-at-3-23-08-PM.png    Screen-Shot-2563-07-30-at-10-50-15-AM.png

Discord https://discord.gg/EguWxXw Debug Discord https://discord.gg/6WuePMa 








0.0.15 all turret,cannon and gun working but some time the explosion will be side way please report on github

Licensed under Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0)


Support Harpwner(It make Jeb happy that he will get more nuke to test)Donate

reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/NKDR/

Original Topic



0.0.10 all nuclear bomb are working

0.0.11 all nuclear bomb are in the bomb tab https://drive.google.com/file/d/15Iky82D3dkapW-AqtlpeI57d5DtbaR3g/view?usp=sharing

0.0.12 all bomb are in the bomb tab yet again https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hJOVeHeGMDOFK7x4zZFO2N3C_NhoB-PK/view?usp=sharing

0.0.14 Added GLS-019 spy pen bomb,Added foundation for Kinetic Bombardment weapon,Added more lively sound for KBW https://drive.google.com/file/d/14kbLLWqagj24VqQ5ysN7hKcuZ0dxJcEn/view?usp=sharing

0.0.15 all turret,cannon and gun working but some time the explosion will be side way please report on github

All the file are from harpwner and some bomb model were from uprise951

Source https://github.com/dogevspenguin/North-Kerbin-Dynamic-Renewed

Website https://sites.google.com/view/north-kerbin-dynamic

Edited by cukkoo
Added 1.11 support
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7 hours ago, cukkoo said:


We're sorry, but by "you have to link to the source code", that means an actual link to the source code itself that you used to produce the mod-- for example, a link to your github repository or the like.  A link to the original modder's thread doesn't meet that requirement.  Could you please provide this?  Thanks!

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There is no source code since i used the already compiled .dll and i can't find the north kerbin weaponry source code.and i am on mac os x 10.11 and i don't want to update(because i already run ksp at smooth 7 fps and if i update it would be slower) and that mean i can't decompile .dll file using .NET.Anyway here my github repository https://github.com/dogevspenguin/North-Kerbin-Dynamic-Renewed

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11 minutes ago, cukkoo said:

There is no source code since i used the already compiled .dll and i can't find the north kerbin weaponry source code

The forum rules dictate you need to provide the source code for any dll's or such that your provide in your mod.  While you did list the license on the OP it also must be included in the downloadable you distribute.   Until these rules are met, the download links have been removed from the OP


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4 hours ago, cukkoo said:

But the file are not used due to outdated and i remove it.Do i still require source code?

If the mod contains anything that was compiled by either yourself or another user, you need to post the uncompiled source code.  

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Well my friend drop nuke at mach 7 and it explode 200 km away from the plane so i think physics range extender would support the range that you want but all the bomb are small because if the tsar bomba use the real-scale kerbin would have been destroyed and harpwner balance it nicely.

Edited by cukkoo
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