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I've made a lot of changes to the github repo :D. There are several changes that need made for the next update on your local side. The very first thing is the North Kerbin Dynamics folder name in the download needs changed to NKDR. Everything needs to match how I have it on the repo so it won't mess up others installs. Next update your local cs file to match what I've changed to the cs file on the repo dev branch and recompile the plugin and upload that plugin to the master branch of the repo for me, this should stop the errors. All versions of NKD will need removed from installs before installing the next update as conflicts are occuring if not and people will need warned of the change so crafts aren't broken. Merge the current pull request to the master branch.

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2 hours ago, cukkoo said:

@Next_Star_IndustriesThen you need to change the cfg file path

I don't think you're understanding me. You need to match what I've done on the repo for your mod to work correctly. I've went through and changed everything and made a proper mod. I've made the changes to the cs file that will need changed on your end. If you recompile the plugin with the changes I've made to the cs file and upload it to the master branch of the repo it'll make your mod work finally. Follow what I've done to the config files of parts and your set. You'll be set to do an update of your mod that revives NKD, aside from adding your module to the config files of what ever parts. There is nothing else I can do, the way I set up your repo is the proper way to build a mod for ksp. You'll also need to change the licence to the way harpowner has his, it has to match BDAc.

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New update coming ,And it is the biggest one  .Space explosion,Air explosion,Underwater explosion  and more nuke coming.I just need sometime to create the space explosion and all the effect.This should come altogether  in the twenty fifth of the december as i need to practice for the middle exam and other real life situation.

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