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ISS Community Revival

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ISS Community Revival




Ok, so was very sad to see this mod go away.  So, went ahead and cleared it with both Bobcat and Dragon01, and they have both allowed me to attempt to revive this mod.  I am still in early phase 1 of the revival, which is establishing what is wrong, missing, or otherwise broken/obsolete.  I will not post the download link as of yet, as the mod is no where near ready for distribution, but felt the need to announce what is going on.  I am, however, seeking to start a modding team to work on this, as my abilities can only go so far. 

Ok, moving into Phase 2, after testing, discovered a few missing parts and other parts completely obsolete.  So, Phase 2, the fix list before release is the following:

       Unity Module (Node 2) not loading in game.      --fixed

       various broken assembly nodes.   --Ongoing

        HTV not loading in.   --Fixed

        Robot Arm obsolete...pending removal to separate folder.     --removed

As for the team, I feel like I can learn Blender well enough to get basic fixes done, but the Unity program is not functioning correctly, or I have yet to figure out what I am doing, so I will need someone who is experienced in working with Unity... at the immediate moment.


Long Term Goals (ongoing plans not immediately necessary for initial distribution):

    -Add in the P6 and P5 truss segments

     -Establish and RSS/RO config files

     -create a decoupler for a progress craft to carry and detach the Pirs, Poisk, and Rassvet parts to the station

     -change the S1/P1 part to allow it to be more have more realistic radiator deployment

     -Add the ESP, ELC, etc.

     -update the Destiny module textures

    -Add parts that are not yet on the ISS yet but are planned for the future.

    -create individual interiors for each habitation module



Allowing me to fix and maintain the mod: @Dragon01 and @BobCat

Provided assistance where needed: @Mecripp and @FalconHeavy2019


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want to give credit where it is due
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20 hours ago, Virtualgenius said:

Maybe your could talk to Jeast about his Canadarm if you needed a replacement sent him a message a while back and he is about and was looking to update it 


I actually PMed him about his mod a few weeks ago when I started working on this mod...but has not received any response.  I will keep looking in the meantime.

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15 hours ago, FalconHeavy2019 said:

So i will help you with this mod feel free to email me what you have done and i will try to help you with the mod. if you email me make sure to put in the subject ISS mod and tell me the version of the game we are making it for.

Email is [email protected]

That would be great!  thank you!

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On 11/13/2020 at 3:08 PM, D0m1nu2 said:

Awesome! Can't wait for this to come out!

How is progress so far?

Progress is rather slow, at the moment, due to the fact that some of the hit boxes on pieces are not right, and I am learning as I go.

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I fixed the Mir stuff a long time ago, but was unable to release it due to the license. If you have Bobcats permission you could pull in the patches. (though I may need to go through them again...)

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14 hours ago, hypervelocity said:

Thanks for your work mate, looking forward for a fully working RSS/RO compatible ISS! I will follow development! Hopefully the mod will bundle a craft file as well for reference :D

I will see what I can do about that.  in the meantime, I have recently enlisted in the Air National Guard and currently awaiting when my ship date is for going off to basic training and tech school.  I will work on this as long as I can, but I am going to look for someone to take over for during the time I am at basic training and tech school.  If anyone is interested, DM me, please. (I will not have access to the internet during that time)



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