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KSP 1.10 Venture Collaborative Station Grand Discussion thread

Who is willing to take part?  

55 members have voted

  1. 1. I wanna be part of it

  2. 2. Where should we launch the mission to

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3 hours ago, epicfailure2020 said:

hmm... i need to create another module. can i use a landing leg canon to launch probes from the station?

A landing leg canon?! What's that? Does that work?

3 hours ago, epicfailure2020 said:

but again im really bad at flying things so can i just upload a link to kerbal x? 

Yes you can. But don't give up on flying, it's all a matter of tutorials and practice.;)

3 hours ago, minerbat said:

would it couse problems if i opened the files with visual/informatical/camera mods or a DLC installed if i do not use any parts?

No it wouldn't.

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10 minutes ago, s_gamer101 said:

Can you post a few screenshots please when you added something to the station?

I‘d just like to see the progress of the staiton

Yes exactly 

Just now, minerbat said:

I have recorded it and i am going to make a video but here is a picture i am going to use as thumbnail: 20201107164342-1.jpg


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On 11/4/2020 at 12:08 PM, s_gamer101 said:

A landing leg canon?! What's that? Does that work?

kraken cannon made of landing legs extending through an object which somehow propels it.  strange i know.

and i really do need to make another one when my computer starts working properly. 

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