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Different terrain surface properties.

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Just a thought, but with KSP1 (and devs please correct me if I am mistaken) it appears to me that all ground surfaces seem to be the same.

Sure, they are different colours etc, but apart from the steepness of slope, and the gravity level where they happen to be, they all seem to behave the same.  The Kerbin ice caps behave the same as a flat piece of desert or grassland etc.

In KSP2 will, or is it possible for, different ground surfaces to have different friction and wheel interraction properties?..

For example, soft sand would cause narrow wheels to sink in more than wide ones (making driving around slower and more difficult), but this is not such a problem on normal hard earth, which may offer better traction than smooth ice or wet rocks, but be more prone to causing wheel damage than a smooth dry lakebed. So different types of wheel may be more appropriate depending on where they are used and what for.

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In KSP itself, the ground material has 5(?) different types. I'd open Kopernicus and KSP to check for myself, but I'm feeling kinda lazy. There are 2 PQS materials for Atmo while the rest are for Vacuum. AFAIK they don't change gameplay much.

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