Extendable harpoon for comet landings

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The obvious comet mission to recreate in 1.10 is Rosetta. Assuming a 2.5m Ariane V, Rosetta would probably be 1.25m, and the tiny Philae lander .625m. The lander needs a way to grapple to the comet, and while the new Klaw Jr is nice, even that is too bulky when attached to probe core of the same size.


My Philae recreation, using the Klaw Jr from Restock+. It had to be clipped into the probe to not appear so large, but then it wouldn't work properly.

Instead, we should also get a surface attachble harpoon (just like Philae had), similar in size to the commutron 16. When extended, it would insert into the comet/object and attach like a klaw. This would be much more versatile as it could be used with tiny spacecraft.

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20 hours ago, EchoLima said:


You should probably look at Shadowzone's video of the comet mission included with the game. That would give a more accurate idea of what the KSP team's idea of Philae grabbing the comet looks like.

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