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Jose Tortola

Building a Refueling Space Station on an asteroid.

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A couple of days ago while playing fully stock career mode, I found that a E-class asteroid was already captured on a extremely big and elliptical orbit around Kerbin. Don't know how or when it happened, it just where there.

So I spent a lot of time, crafts and fuel to park it on a closer and circle-ish kerbin orbit.



Once parked, there were still some mineral left on the asteroid, so I decided to try to build some kind of refueling space station on it. Building different parts of it and assembling them up there.

This was the begining of the assembly. Main core´s transport vehicle (left) approaching to dock on the mining complex of the asteroid while other ship scavenges the fuel left.



Main core and docking wing assembledscreenshot242.png


And this his how it's going so far. A fueling craft reloading after launch on his way to refuel another space station around Minmus. Refueling station with habitation module already assembled:screenshot247.png


The build is still in progress. I have planed some more expansions.

The asteroid will run out of mineral in some near future, probably not as fast as I almost ran out of funds while constructing this on a career game, but I'm completing some other contracts to recover the economy and I hope I can use this station to reduce wheight and costs in order to launch some interplanetary fleet to visit as much as I can of the Kerbol system.

And, to be honest, probably this won't be an economic profitable project, but I'm having a lot of fun :)

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Just upgraded this station with a passenger terminal and some science devices.


There's absolutely no available purpose to justify going on making thighs bigger. But I'm just enjoying building and docking :)

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