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Take a space craft or space plane to orbit using only fuel drain valves.

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Complete challenge: Orbit around Kerbin.

Extra challenging: Land on the Mun (or Minmus) + Extra: Return

Super duper hard: Land on Duna + Extra: Return

Jebediah: Jool 5 and back

??????: Do something somehow harder than that and succeed at it and send proof pls


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First rule of challenges- do it yourself first as proof that it can be done at all.

Drain valves have an ISP of about 5 and unless you use the intake air bug you won’t get anywhere at all using them as your sole means of propulsion. Especially not space.

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30 minutes ago, ralanboyle said:

Just use the air intake bug to achieve a super high suborbit then use fuel drain the reach orbit. Should be doable. 

Air intake bug is dead so you'd need manual CFG editing.

If I'm manual CFG editing then imma increase the fuel drain isp a thousandfold.

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