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[Discussion] My thoughts on life-support.

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34 minutes ago, Acid_Burn9 said:

The automated supply routes, once you complete supply mission once, are literally confirmed in KSP 2. Read PC Gamer article.

I read it. It was encouraging.

However, they were about resource extraction, not LS. As I said I’m no longer categorically opposed to LS but I remain a skeptic: to be worthwhile, it needs both sides of the equation, a way to avoid grind and a way to provide interesting and meaningful gameplay.

 So far I haven’t seen a system—existing or proposed—that accomplishes both to my satisfaction.

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When I think of LS, and hear it referred to, I tend to think more in terms of 'in flight' for small and medium sized missions, rather than colonies.

To me a 'proper' colony needs to be largely, if not completely, self sufficient, otherwise it's just an 'outpost' (Antarctic science stations for example).  So the mechanisms to provide that self sufficiency need to be part of the whole package and, once up and running, can be assumed to just 'work' and pretty much ignored gameplay wise.  Other than things like keeping an eye on whether you need to add more capacity due to growing population etc. 

When it comes to 'in flight' though, that is where LS needs more 'player attention'. Mission planning requirements play a big part, like how much food to take and how much living space for each crew member etc.  There is certainly some crossover with the 'colony' mechanics though, especially on larger vessels.

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44 minutes ago, SOXBLOX said:

The only thing I don't want is to be able to time-warp through the supplies of station X while warping probe Y to Eeloo. That would be...a killer.

The devs are saying that LS would be non punitive. The only thing that would happen is a decrease in productivity and efficiency, not loss of life, or useless kerbals. 

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now this is a great idea because the stock ksp game doesn't have life support, but it would be really cool if ksp2 had life support systems put into the stock game, i know it would be more of a challenge to maintain your craft by monitoring your food water and oxygen but the thing is that cramming kerbals with nothing to eat is pretty unhealthy for them but if they had self sustaining bases or motherships then it would be amazing to build but hey, its just a suggestion, hopefully take two sees this and considers putting this into the game. Now, this is not pressuring take two to put something into the game or a demand but merely a suggestion.

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I think they confirmed in order for your colony to ''grow'' and become bigger(and able to build more things),

it will require certain resources.

So i am guessing thats their concept of life support?

I havent followed much so sorry if i missed something/incorrect.

I agree we also need the usual life support systems, wish we had in KSP 1 a simplified stock option to enable it.

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