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Issues with 1.10 upgrade, and Minmus mining glitch.



First: running KSP from GOG. 1.9.1 with Making History and Breaking Ground ran fine.

Automatically upgraded to 1.10. The upgrade apparently broke Breaking Ground, since the game insists 1.41 is not valid and only Breaking Ground 1.5 will work. I've tried re-downloading the DLC with no result.)

Second issue, possibly related to the first:

I have a mining/refining surface base (name: Mobile Mun Miner) which was working fine in 1.9.1. Over the last couple of game sessions (including after the 1.10 update) I've moved the mining base from Mun to Minmus, landing it very near a spot where it's mined before and which shows as being ore-rich on satellite resource scans. However, the drills both report no resources to be harvested!

Game save here- let me know if I need to provide more info.


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