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Last touchups in Duna SOI:



The final relay captures at Duna:


It originally was in an equatorial orbit, but I did a 90° plane change so Ike will be in the way less.


The probe tankers have docked to the R&D B&B after a couple orbits.



Next round of payload designs:



After several hours of designing, I have the next transfer planned out.  Here is the first payload I will be launching.  The top is essentially a glorified tanker, with two Jumbo-64's and two Wolfhounds.  It will be a 2 kerbal extension for the Kronos as well as tripling the TWR of the final Duna-bound craft.  The bottom is a big bundle of basic rovers.  There are sixteen rovers, each with four seats.  That should be enough to get me the "Basic Rover" achievement for up to 128 kerbals on Duna (I don't plan on sending more than that).


The second payload is a stubby little thing, with two stabilizers for the base, a huge LS tank, and a 5 kerbal base segment attatched.


The third payload contains the Narrow Band Scanner and reusable parachute pack I was thinking about bringing, as well as a lab for the "Deep Space Laboratory" achievement and a large tanker probe.  I was slightly under the mass limit, so I threw some science equipment into a cargo bay, because what else am I gonna use the lab for?


The fourth (and final) payload is where the real mission value starts to get going.  In addition to the Jumbo-64 tank, this overgrown base segment can hold 23 kerbals.


Once the payloads are fully assembled, they'll form a 40 kerbal, 94 meter long, 342 ton behemoth with way more dV than I actually need.  I think this is the highest pert count I've ever had on one of my crafts.



Tanker and Basic Rovers launch:



At Year 4, Day 202, it's time to launch a payload.  I find it funny that this tiny rocket is able to send this absurdly bulky payload to orbit in a single stage, with nearly 800 m/s left over in a 80km orbit.


Roasting that oblong marshmallow:


Docked with the Kronos.  'Tis time to do yet another Minmus ISRU mission.


Jettisonning the booster:


As there is no rule saying I actually have to land near the KSC, I landed it on another continent since the burn for Minmus will happen over the KSC.




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Rover delivery to Minmus and Kronos return to LKO:



The Kronos burns for Minmus:


Captured at Minmus.


Landed and docked to the Curdie.  Over a hundred tons of fuel is being extracted.  I calculated that more than half of the mass of the craft that will leave for Duna will have been pulled out of Minmus' rocks.


A nice, gentle liftoff half a day later.  This craft is a bit chunkier than previous tankers, using four Terriers instead of Sparks.


The bundle of rovers can be seen in the top center as the Kronos burns for LKO.


Braking into LKO.  The craft still had over 3300 m/s left over after the burn.  I'm pretty sure it's got enough firepower to qualify for "Advanced Deep Space Transit".


Here comes Arfield in the Flappy Bird, as usual.


Transferring Kerbals in LKO:


To make these mining missions more interesting, I'm gonna start landing the Flappy Bird at different places on Kerbin.  I don't believe I've ever flown a plane further than the Island Airfield before.  All my spaceplanes have landed at the KSC, except for the one that landed at the Desert Launch Site.


Landed safely.


By my count, I have refueled 15 crafts on Minmus so far.



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180 days later, it's time for the next payload.


Orbit.  That thing looks tiny compared to the last payload!


Everything has been docked.


Booster return.  It is actually really inconvenient to land at the KSC.


Burning for Minmus.  This craft has room for 14 kerbals with habitation rules, and Handon and Lashel have it all to themselves.


Capturing at Minmus.  Wow!  So many night pictures!


The base segment and LS have been docked to the rovers.  This little craft is gonna get a lot bigger later.


Refueling.  The Kronos had 1500 m/s left after landing on Minmus, so I don't need to be hauling the extra tanks around.


Away we go!


Docked with the Monstrosity (or the beginnings of it).


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Go all the way around Minmus to get to the Curdie?  No way!  That would take way too long!  When it's only 350 m/s to completely reverse the orbit direction, it's totally worth it.


Landed and refueling.


Taking off and burning for LKO were basically the same burn.


Back in LKO, Handon and Lashel await Arfield and the Flappy Bird.


Here they come!  Tearing through the atmosphere.


Transferring crew in LKO:


Landed at night at the desert airfield.


Now to wait another 180 days.

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