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6 hours ago, Single stage to ocean said:

what if ksp 2 is just recycled assets of ksp 1?

From what has been shown and what has been said, there will be a fair amount of recycled parts from KSP1. How much of the parts catalog will be from KSP1? Only the devs know that.

PS, It would make sense to reuse and update assets for everything that they want to carry over from KSP1 than recreating them from scratch. Even with the simplest parts, the time savings of not having to create the models again for numerous parts is substantial. 

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6 hours ago, Single stage to ocean said:

Ḩ͔̯͇͓̇́A̼̺͖̞̹̭̗̻̐̋̒̕Ḣ̖͓̼͓̙̻ͫ͝A̙̱̞̖͌͟Ḩ͔̯͇͓̇́A̼̺͖̞̹̭̗̻̐̋̒̕Ḣ̖͓̼͓̙̻ͫ͝A̙̱̞̖͌͟Ḩ͔̯͇͓̇́A̼̺͖̞̹̭̗̻̐̋̒̕Ḣ̖͓̼͓̙̻ͫ͝A̙̱̞̖͌͟Ḩ͔̯͇͓̇́A̼̺͖̞̹̭̗̻̐̋̒̕Ḣ̖͓̼͓̙̻ͫ͝A̙̱̞̖͌͟Ḩ͔̯͇͓̇́A̼̺͖̞̹̭̗̻̐̋̒̕Ḣ̖͓̼͓̙̻ͫ͝A̙̱̞̖͌͟Ḩ͔̯͇͓̇́A̼̺͖̞̹̭̗̻̐̋̒̕Ḣ̖͓̼͓̙̻ͫ͝A̙̱̞̖͌͟what if ksp 2 is just recycled assets of ksp 1?

Thats woudl be weird...

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3 minutes ago, PlutoISaPlanet said:

I mean I do not think the majority of the game will be recycled. Look at the ksc, completely new. Even the parts we saw in the vab looked new. Idk if you mean reuse code when talking about assets, that is a possibility. I tend to lean on the side that this is a new game, from scratch.

Lets just hope at least the flea solid fuel booster makes it to the game.

2 hours ago, PlutoISaPlanet said:

Btw they hinted that Jools clouds may be the next thing they show.

Yes. :)

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