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Would a world get corrupted when mods are removed?



I have the mod "Beyond Home" Installed and I want to test how some aircraft fly. The problem is, the mod changes the default planet, so the gravity, atmospheric density, and aerodynamic forces are all different. I also have a world where I've done lots of thing with the planets in the mod. I don't know if removing the mod to work on planes with Kerbin in one world would corrupt another that needs the mod, even if I didn't interact with the modded world while the mod was uninstalled.

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14 minutes ago, Ravioley said:

I'm mostly new to a lot of stuff with file editing, so how would I copy the KSP directory?

Just find your Kerbal Space Program folder, right click, click 'copy', navigate to a different folder, and right click to paste.

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I would suggest you don’t uninstall planet packs if you have anything orbiting and especially don’t open the save game or things can get ugly.

You can just copy the entire KSP directory and create a second version, remove the mods from that and test your plane on Kerbin before copying the craft file into the modded version and using it.

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