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Have you watched a tutorial on YouTube. This is one of those cases where text and static images are not as effective as a video. Also, get transfer window planner and Kerbal alarm clock (unless you play on console.) The tutorial should give you enough context to use them but if not you can pm me.

Also, can you please not use the cursive font. I can't speak for others but I find it annoying and difficult to read.

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26 minutes ago, jost said:

There are sone tutorials in the wiki and forum e.g. 


While this tutorial does contain some good tips, a lot of it is outdated. This tutorial looks like it was made before maneuver nodes existed and when patched conics didn't show encounters. While this is a good tutorial, I don't recommend it as your first one. However, I can give you some advice (although you still need a real tutorial.)

1: be inefficient, this is your first mission so make a rocket that you're sure can get to Duna easily, like your first docking this mission will be your least efficient.

2: do it in sandbox mode. You will have enough to think about without science and contracts. In addition the lack of funds will make step 1 a lot easier.

3. Use a probe. Probes are lighter and easier than crew, if you make your probe light enough you can get going really slow with your parachute if you use don't jettison your heat shield or use the bottom of a fuel tank as your base. What this means is you can use a tiny amount of fuel and two light radial engines like twitches or cubs. The lander is the one pat if this mission that you should optimize as it will make your life much easier.

4. Don't aerocapture, I know YouTubers do it and I do it but you should be keeping this already complex mission as simple as possible.

5. Most important. Use cheats to test everything, most importantly your lander. It really sucks going all the way to Duna only to have to revert to vab for your lander to work.

Sorry for the wall of text, this is why you need a video.

39 minutes ago, Kerbal enginner bird boi said:

 whats the easyest way to get to duna


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Found a great article Here.

Also I reccomend you practice by transferring from the Mün to Minmus as it will help you learn how to use the site.

Also, do all your burns with maneuver nodes. Never do interplanetary transfers manually.

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