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Para-Sci Custom Suits


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I made these for myself but then I thought maybe someone will think they're neat and want them so yeah here they are, the first batch of custom suits I've thrown together for KSP 1.10. I reduced the texture resolution because 4096x4096 seemed excessively large, so they are a bit blurry if you zoom in really close. Also I make no claims about these being high-quality in any way to begin with. They're here if you want them:


If you can make it out in the tiny icons, they are all dark gray with lighter gray accents and come in plain, Moho, Jool, and Duna themed versions. If I make any other variants I'll add them to this package. Here's a few screenshots:


More images coming soon maybe.

ZIP Download

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more images
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I really do like these. I see the potential for cinematics with cultists, colonists, or Fashion!TM 

Please don't be afraid of the larger textures, maybe provide in the download for a low resolution option perhaps.

Would you be able to make this available on SpaceDock too please?


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