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Compiled Visual Mods for KSP 1.10 (Med res textures)


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Installing visual mods for myself was very frusturating, because they often were outdated and didnt work on CKAN. I would install the mods, and then they just didnt work. Because I know the struggle, I thought I would save it for others wanting visual mods by compiling all of the mods and necessities (other than ModuleManager) in one zip file. This file contains the following mods:

PlanetShine: Adds a reflection to ships near a bright planet

Scatterer: Adds atmospheric scattering, sunflare, eclipse shadows, etc.

DistantObjectEnhancment: Enhances distant crafts and celestial bodies, and adds dynamic skybox dimming

Environmental Visual Enhancements and Stock Visual Enhancements: Adds auroras, city lights (only on Kerbin), clouds, and a better Jool texture on bodies with an atmosphere.

Real Plume: Adds much better engine thrust visuals

SmokeScreen: Allows Real Plume to work

Pood's 8k Milky Way Skybox: A beautiful skybox of the real milky way based on NASA data

TextureReplacer: Allows Pood's Skybox to work


I have left out ModuleManager. Make sure to install it to allow Module Manager before installing these mods. Module Manager is a necessity for most mods anyway. https://github.com/sarbian/ModuleManager

Here is the zip file containing the mods



Instructions for install:

1. Download and unzip the .zip file

2. Copy the contents of the downloaded GameData folder (NOT the folder itself, the CONTENTS within it) into KSP's GameData folder. (Remember you need ModuleManager)

3. Open KSP and enjoy!

I chose to use the medium resolution textures for stock visual enhancements, which are best suited for average systems. This works good on my pretty weak laptop. If you want to change this, follow these instructions:

1. Visit this website https://github.com/Galileo88/StockVisualEnhancements/releases/tag/1.0.8

2. Download your desired texture resolution (Low res for lesser operating systems, high res for good operating systems)

3. Unzip the file

4. Go to the StockVisualEnhancements folder that you have installed in KSP's GameData folder and delete the "Textures" Folder

5. Drop the new "Textures" file you have just download into the "StockVisualEnhancemets" folder

If you have any questions, feel free to reply.




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@chickenbroth, This thread has been moved to the Add-on releases thread.

Also, Per our add-on hosting rules, you must include links to the uncompiled source code for any and all code that is included in this bundle.

You also must include a license for this mod.   This license must comply fully with the individual licenses of each and every mod in the bundle.

Until these criteria are met, I'm afraid we're going to have to remove the download links to this bundle.

For further reading on these rules:



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