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Ok, so I assume this is impossible because it's never been done... But it would be really awesome if it could be made. What I want is a mod that allows me to disable eve in the fly, without removing it and restarting my game. I play with a lot of mods and a long list of mods means long load times. That is why this mod would be so useful, I could launch from Kerbin and transfer to Eve, get captured in orbit, circularize etc. But when it's time to land I press a button and the clouds magically disappear (or even better become 99% transparent.) What would be even cooler is if it had to be researched in science/career mode. You would start without it of course. Next you would gain the ability to gain it only in the map view, as an added benefit to orbital survey. Finally you would unlock the ability to disable clouds in flight (good probe core required.) Like I said, this is 99% likely to be impossible, but it's fun to dream about it.

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