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The Aergia Space Agency is a leading international aeronatuics contractor to the Kerbal Space Program. Our mission is to supply the brave Kerbonauts with reliable vehicles to explore the stars with! Our catalogue includes everything from landers, crew capsules (coming soon), launch vehicles (coming soon), space planes (coming soon) and much more (coming soon)!


31sfxrB.png                  SBjwGxY.png


Vital Info

All our crafts so far require ReStock+. Though this may be abandoned in favor of fully stock crafts in the future. All our craft files are hosted to the tremendously useful KerbalX website. No plans currently exist to upload these crafts to the Steam Workshop. Finished crafts are posted directly on this page, while work in progress reports can be found in the reply section.


Design Philosophy

I've taken a lot of inspiration from the conceptual spacecrafts of the ESA and CNES. Few of the spacecrafts i build are particularly practical, as i lay most of my focus on aesthetics, but they all tend to be able to do their job at the very least. None of these crafts are made with career or science mode in mind. Any and all practical uses of the vehicles manufactured and designed by the Aergia Space Agency Group is purely coincidental.


The Shop





After a debate gone violent over the specifications of a standardized lander for the moons of Kerbin went violent, the Aergia Space Agency (ASA) broke away from the National Aerospace Development Group (NADG). The issue at hand was whether an Apollo-style mission, with a separate lander and command and service module or a lander capable of both landing on the lunar surface and returning to the Kerbin surface safely, was the solution for the next generation of lunar landers.

The conflict between the two companies eventually escalated into an all-out space race to the Mun.

The LECRU Lunar Crewed Return Unit was the ASA submission into the contest. The ASA subscribed to the belief that a lunar lander should not have to rely on a separate return capsule, but rather that the return capsule should be brought down to the lunar surface. While this lead to an increase in complexity for all the involved mechanisms to combat lunar dust, it did negate the need for a complex and heavy docking system to be hauled back and forth from the lunar surface - a fact that the ASA design completely ignored.

The final design has been described as an overly expensive and complex mess with minimal safety systems. The lander has more than enough fuel to land on both the Mun and Minimus and return to Kerbin - it is thusly recommended on the official specifications papers that a large portion of the fuel tanks should be left more or less half empty, something which baffled aeronautic engineers, who never designed their extremely advanced space tech-fuel tanks to hold less than their full capacity worth of fuel on launch.

KerbalX link







The Phaidra 3A is a expendable launch vehicle designed by the Aergia Space Agency. After a particularly impressive launch test failure, the name “Phaidra”, meaning “bright”, was coined.

Consisting of 3 main stages, this rocket can carry ca. 100 t of cargo into LKO. The upper two stages are designed for vaccum operation, while the first stage is designed for atmospheric operation. The main purpose of this confuguration is to allow long hauls of cargo into other planet systems. The Phaidra 3B launch vehicle is designed with two atmospheric stages, allowing it to launch over 100 t of cargo into LKO, albeit it isn’t able to propel it much beyond LKO.




I'd love to see what kind of adventures you people bring these crafts on. Feel free to share them!

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Right now i have a launcher, space station, Eve lander, and a Duna rover in progress. Shown here is an early draft of the Phaidra 3 Expendable Launch Vehicle.







I still need to tweak the control system when the launcher is in the very upper atmosphere to aid in prograde burns. While this vehicle can safely carry 100t to low Kerbin orbit, more weight would lead to the lower stage depleting too quickly, which forces the second stage (which performs really badly in the atmosphere) to operate in the upper atmosphere - this more often than not leads to the launch vehicle to reach orbit. Though it more than excels at hauling lighter payloads to far away destinations. I'm thinking a Phaidra 3B Expendable Launch Vehicle would be designed with another second stage engine which is adapted to atmospheric operation to allow for particularly heavy payloads (<100t) to reach LKO. This design would obviously not be as efficient in long range voyages however.

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