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question about the Sentinel Telescope Comet missions



I'm playing v1.10.2917. Twice now my Sentinel Telescope in orbit has failed to find comets in the allotted time. As a result I lose reputation and money and I fail the mission. Having said that I've also successfully completed 2 of these missions with the same Sentinel. So is it possible these missions are entirely random regarding whether I will detect any comets? My probe does meet two of the criteria for each mission: in orbit of the Sun (no specifics given or needed) and have a Sentinel Telescope on board.

Given the kinds of long and elliptical orbits comets can be on, plus the relatively short time you have to find them (6 years), it seems the odds are stacked against you. I just hate losing reputation! :D

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Good advice above ^.

And if you're concerned about not finding enough in time (because they're too rare or whatever), you can launch multiple craft that all meet the criteria. Each telescope only finds objects relatively nearby, but you can for instance have 4 Sentinels 1/4 of an orbit apart (use the same flight plan but launch 1/4 of a Kerbin year apart) to 4-tuple your chances.

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