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[1.9 - 1.10] [TextureReplacer] Kiwi Suits


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Kiwi Suits and Skins Pack [Download (Github)]

I liked the basics of the vintage suit pack, but wanted to customize it for my career by adding specific class-specific suits that "aged" as my Kerbals leveled up.  I also wanted some more diverse faces and in my universe, Kerbals are also purple.  This includes a large pack with 130 Male and 64 Female faces (I got a bit bored) with different combinations of hairstyles, facial hair, hair color, and aging (Young and Veteran if you want to roleplay that your Kerbals may age on that journey out to Eeloo).  I have edited the color scheme slightly and have altered the normal maps slightly.  The UV map for the custom suits in 1.10 are different from those within TextureReplacer and these are not compatible.

Dependencies:  TextureReplacer

Optional: Portrait Stats

Class Specific Suits:



which has some wear and tear as the Kerbals level up (some more than others):


with some diversity amongst the Kerbals:


Wearing stylish flight caps:


The Kerbals also have a matching parachute:


And compatibility with Portrait Stats (has a configuration that replaces the stock icons)




The texture pack of skins and suits are licensed and distributed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License 

A portion of the hair textures for the female kerbals are based off templates provided in the TextureReplacer mod (https://github.com/ducakar/TextureReplacer) by @shaw which used textures from Sylith and additional modifications by shaw and IOI-655362.

Certain icons used in the pack were based from the sources below and attributing the sources are required for further redistribution:
Kiwi: www.hiclipart.com/free-transparent-background-png-clipart-isami
Atom Icon made by Good Ware from www.flaticon.com
Settings Icon from www.flaticon.com
Drill Icon by Kiranshastry from www.flaticon.com
Idea Icon from www.flaticon.com
Volcano Icon by dDara from www.flaticon.com
Tree Icon from www.flaticon.com
Garden Tools Icon by photo3idea_studio from www.flaticon.com
Shopping Cart Icon by Kiranshastry from www.flaticon.com
Cross Icon by Good Ware from www.flaticon.com
Compass from www.flaticon.com
Camera Icon by surang from www.flaticon.com
Space Colony Icon by surang from www.flaticon.com


If you like to change aspects of these files, take a look at my Photoshop files.

Source Files (Dropbox)

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49 minutes ago, Beetlecat said:

These are nuts and terrific! I love the tinted helmet glass. So great. All of the different professions are from USI colonization, etc. right?

Thanks, yes these were made for USI.  Are there any other class mods out there?

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50 minutes ago, Neil Kermstrong said:

can you make a version for the stock suit? it looks so cool

Thanks, was a lot of fun to put together.  Won't be rushing back into another suit pack like this though, was a few weeks worth of evenings and weekends just on the suits and I would get burned out to try another one so quickly.  If I get to a point in my campaign that my kerbals need a wardrobe upgrade, then that would probably happen.  

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for the love of master crafting! Too good, how are you getting templates? I've googled and got zip but the main IVA/EVA suits, I enen borrowed the canopy file from yours....

I have to know. 

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7 minutes ago, Aazard said:

for the love of master crafting! Too good, how are you getting templates? I've googled and got zip but the main IVA/EVA suits, I enen borrowed the canopy file from yours....

I have to know. 

Hi @Aazard, to grab the templates, I ended up using a program called UABE to extract the in-game textures from https://github.com/DerPopo/UABE.  This video gives a bit of a tutorial on using it for another game, but was helpful for me to get the basics: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ROLLu6wO_0

The in-game assets are found within KSP_x64_Data folder within the base KSP folder.  As that is not within the GameData, I believe they are technically out-of-scope to share within the forums, but the Texture Replacer documentation provides the names of the files that you are looking for.  I found not all files were available in a given .assets bundle, so if you don't find the names of the files you are looking for, try another of the .assets file in the folder.

In regards to your comments in the TextureReplacer thread, I believe the parachute backpack is bugged and I was not able to get it to successfully replace the textures (https://github.com/ducakar/TextureReplacer/issues/18).  I haven't tried replacing the cargo backpack or the jet pack, so YMMV for those.

Happy to help with the conversion to dxt for files that you would like converted that are currently ready.  Post a link below on what you would like converted.  I have a script that automates it, but will probably decline anything after the first round as it can be a bit finicky and it was my least favorite part of making these parts.  The script is in a niche language that I use in my field of work, so it is probably not worth sharing.  However, all it basically does is automates the DOS command line interface.  In particular I found Crunch or the Standalone NVIDIA Texture Tools Exporter to work the best.  Stay away from the version that is in GIMP or if you have Photoshop, NVIDIA's Photoshop plugin.  I don't think the compressor in GIMP looks good and the photoshop plugin is painfully slow.  The standalone version of NVIDIA's tools works quick, or at least on my desktop.

And congrats on getting everything working.  And don't feel that you need to preface your post about not being an artist.  I don't consider myself artistic, but have dabbled enough in personal projects in Photoshop and Blender to become respectable at editing existing assets.  You probably noticed that all of the symbols were not hand drawn by me.  I struggle to draw stick figures.

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DOS command line interface is no issue to me, my first XT ran CP/m (before DOS)

I struggle to "paint by number" on a template sadly I have access to GIMP, lightworks, Paint.net, Krita, MyPaint & Photoscape, Plus Blender & Natron. But am basic in user level with them.

PS: Gene (and all the main scene characters, like Werner Von Kermin and strategies building characters too) is 100% effected my a head texture in "default" folder of TR so it cant be too deep (i hope)

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