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I'm in the process of preparing an add-on for release, and I'd like get some opinions on the best way to handle multiple resolutions.

The add-on is very small in scope (just a single part) but I created the textures at 4k resolution, which I imagine is not ideal for some users, so I plan to provide 2k textures as well.

What is the best way to approach releasing both sets of textures? So far I have two solutions:

  • Release two versions of the add-on
  • Release the add-on in two parts, a main file and a choice of two texture files

The first could be tedious to maintain updates, while the second seems overkill for such a small add-on.

Is there a standard approach to this? I've been away from KSP for a few years so I've missed a lot.


EDIT: I've had a bit of a look around at what others are doing, and it appears that only a few other mods (all of which are much larger in scope than mine) offer a choice of texture resolutions. Should I just scale down the textures to 2k resolution and and not bother with 4k?

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