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No Man's Sky style ship?

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Build a Small SSTO spaceplane that has launch thrusters to get to orbit, pulse drive to quickly travel between planets at FTL speeds, and a hyperdrive which can instantaneously travel between star systems.

It has to look like a No Mans Sky style ship.

You can use cheats like infinite fuel, and you can use mods of course :)

The pulse drive should allow travel in in-game seconds or minutes, not days or years.

I reccomended some warp drive mods like alcubierre drive warp drive mod. Not sure what mod to use for hyperdrive yet.


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On 7/23/2020 at 8:10 AM, Spencerbug said:


I don't think this would work - have you done it yourself? Most NMS ships would be too draggy to get very far, even if you spammed sixaxis thrusters. Doubly so for hauler and explorer types.

Unless we should turn off drag in the cheats menu for the challenge?

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You could do some aero backwards facing node shenanigans to drop supersonic drag to basically nothing.

As for pulse drive, light interplanetary travel with a Kraken drive is tolerable in real time. You could probably do Eve or Duna in under an hour, which is technically "minutes." 

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