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The Adventures Of JSA II: The Return (Prologue)


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The Adventures Of JSA II is a continuation of the Adventures Of The JSA, which was created back in 2019 and had a total of 11 parts before ending due to problems. In this multi-part series, the Johnster Space Agency continues in a new career save in KSP 1.10, with missions being told in a mission report/story telling style (like how it was done in the original, although with improvements). I'm hoping for JSA get a lot further this time with more being accomplished (such as exploring comets or sending crewed missions to Duna), but if the worst happens and this series also gets problems, I'll try my best to continue it in JSA III (but hopefully I won't have to do that). Anyways, I hope you will enjoy The Adventures Of JSA II: The Return.


Table Of Contents



Part 1 - The Return (Coming Soon)


JSA's Achievements


None Yet



Name Profession Kerbal Type Max. Sustainable G Experience Level Current Status
Tanlorf Kerman Engineer Rescued Kerbal 6.0 G ☆☆☆☆ Idle
Morod Kerman Pilot Rescued Kerbal 6.4 G ☆☆☆☆ Idle


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@KerballingSmasher Yes, I hope your glad the series is finally coming back! Also, before Part 1 releases, I'll be making a prologue part, which will try to explain what happened to JSA after the last series abruptly ended.

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So, you might be wondering, what happened to the JSA? I can tell you. You might also be wondering, who am I? Well, I am Sheppont Kerman, and this is the story of what happened and the events that followed afterwards.


After Jeb had been rescued, Johnster Space Agency had begun work on their next big project. Codenamed D.E.M.A.L, it stood for Duna Exploration Mission And Lander, and would send some kerbals to Duna and back. Initial tests of the rocket went well, and development was going accordingly to plan. By the end of the year, the mission was nearing readiness for a crewed launch to Duna, and only a few more tests had to be done.


Then, the unexpected happened. During D.E.M.A.L Test 14, the launch started off according to plan, when suddenly a computer error caused the rocket to break up midway into the flight.



After the failure, JSA was skeptical to continue development on the project, with fears it could happen again. However, Mission Control insisted that after doing some tests of the rocket's software, that it had a 99.8% success rate and that what had happened was just an anomaly. After a month, tests continued, and everything was looking good again. That was, until another failure of the rocket which resulted in cancellation of the project only a week before the planned crewed launch.


With the cancellation of D.E.M.A.L, it seemed that the JSA might be finished. I was moved from the Astronaut Group to Mission Control, and told I could not participate in any future crewed missions. I was sad to hear this, but knew I couldn't do anything about it. One day however, everything changed. I was informed by Mission Control that they needed someone to go to Merone Station and bring the crew back to Kerbin, and that since I had experience I was chosen. I accepted the mission, and construction on the rocket began. 



Over the next few weeks, the rocket was built, and many tests were done to ensure everything was working correctly. Eventually, the rocket was finished, and it was time for the launch.





On launch day, everyone was excited. It would mark the first time in almost a year that a crewed mission had been launched. As I got into the rocket, I only hoped that no problems would occur. The liftoff happened as planned, and my next mission to The Mun began.




After reaching Kerbin orbit, I planned a Trans-Munar Injection burn, which occurred on the night side of Kerbin.


The coast to The Mun was relatively uneventful, and after several hours I did another burn to put the craft into a low munar orbit. Afterwards, I approached and docked with Merone Station, and greeted the crew onboard.





After the crew transfer was finished, I undocked from the station and completed a burn which would bring us back to kerbin. I tried contacting JSA, but for some reason they didn't respond. While it was strange, I thought it might of just been a communication problem at the time.



All that was left to do was wait. After returning to kerbin, the reentry burn started and a few minutes later we had splashed down in the ocean, near some land. I tried contacting JSA Mission Control again, but still no response. Something must of happened to them during the mission, as we never heard from them again.




I was the first to get out and decided to swim over to the nearby shore. After reaching it, I planted a flag. It had been one I had designed in case something bad happened and a new JSA had to be created. And so, it was the beginning of a new Johnster Space Agency...



Now that you know the story of what happened to the JSA, I hope you are looking forward to seeing where it will go next. Me, Hadster Kerman, and several others are already planning new missions for the agency, in hopes it will eventually become a major space agency on Kerbin once again.

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