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I got a message saying game save corrupted and asked if I wanted to delete the corrupted files. I said no not wanting to lose everything hoping I could just load an old save.

It still deleted my save...I'm assuming there is no way to retrieve the data? Why does it delete the entire save? Why not let me load an older save on that career run?

Not really worth trying to play the game if I have to have a great if losing everything...


Playing on Xbox one.

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Unfortunately, there's no way to directly access the save file system on the console version of the game.  Each career/science/sandbox mode game is contained its own save data file, regardless of how many different manual saves you make.

So, for example, if you have a career mode with the "persistent", "quicksave, "manual_save1", "manual_save2", etc, it will show up in your saved data management on your consoles HDD as a single file; "career name here" (if you didn't rename it from "default").

What that means, is that once the "persistent" file becomes corrupted, that game mode is unable to be salvaged on console, unless the data had previously been backed up (by either the system, or yourself).  There's no way to simply just load one of the manual/quick saves and continue on. Whereas, on the PC, you could just rename one of your manual saves to "persistent.sfs", because each separate save file is fully self-contained.

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