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Kerbal Space Program - Anniversary Video


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Kerbal Space Program has been out for nine years now, and we wanted to celebrate the incredible achievements of both the community and the development team at Squad with this video. We hope you enjoy it, and here’s to many more years of KSP!

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Happy anniversary everyone! Thank you Squad for creating the best game ever!

But why is it today? I mean the closest event to 9 years was the Alpha release - 24th of June 2011.

Anyways, this is a special and great day! Thank you all! This community is the best I've ever seen!

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5 minutes ago, theJesuit said:

Thanks Squad!

I want to know what was censored in on the part of the station at 0:36 in the video 'bottom right' part of the station as per the video image.


it's low-res shadow from the solar panel, probably nothing else.

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I haven’t been on the forums for a while... earlier on, I opened KSP and when my computer battery died, I hopped on to YouTube and was greeted by a new juicy KSP video :P


Happy anniversary!

I could have said something cool but I’m stumped and  as like I said, I haven’t been on the forums for a while... xD

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6 hours ago, Vanamonde said:

The angular momentum of the candy bar changes without outside influence. My suspension of disbelief is ruined! 

Also it's floating and the Kerbal is obviously stuck to the ground via massive gravitational force.

8 hours ago, woeller said:

Why does Kerbin sometimes have clouds and City Light in this trailer but not in all parts of the video?

Probably due to one or two of those "thousands of mods".

Actually the stock game has had clouds for a long time. Just look out the VAB door.

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