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Kerbal Space Program - Anniversary Video

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1 hour ago, Superfluous J said:

Also it's floating and the Kerbal is obviously stuck to the ground via massive gravitational force.

Probably due to one or two of those "thousands of mods".

Actually the stock game has had clouds for a long time. Just look out the VAB door.

Those voluminous, fluffy clouds have been so close yet so far.....

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It's been so long already, it feels like last week I was just building my first rocket. And now we find ourselves here, 9 years later.

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On 7/26/2020 at 8:31 PM, St4rdust said:

Kerbal Space Program has been out for nine years now, and we wanted to celebrate the incredible achievements of both the community and the development team at Squad with this video. We hope you enjoy it, and here’s to many more years of KSP!

Not if but my 5 the year

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