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Mars Rover Perseverance Discussion Thread


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On 2/15/2021 at 9:07 PM, Scotius said:

For crewed spaceship sky-crane, parachutes and airbags aren't really an option. Gathering experience with powered landings on Mars, using hardware that completed its main mission and is now expendable would be similar to the way SpaceX used to perfect the recovery of Falcon 9 boosters.

I don't think the skycranes are really reusable, though. You need someone to refuel it (there isn't anyone there), you need someone to service/check it (there isn't any), you need it to have fuel reserve for the landing of the thing itself (which they don't need if they just smash out the crane, and extra fuel on the payload means extra fuel on the launching rocket as always). Plus given that they need the skycrane to hover on one spot is I think close enough (if not more impressive) than landing on the ground - you can autorotate (engine failure or whatever) and land a helicopter but you can't autorotate and maintain altitude. They're basically already pulling something more challenging than just directly landing there to the ground.

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3 hours ago, YNM said:

 Plus given that they need the skycrane to hover on one spot is I think close enough (if not more impressive) than landing on the ground

Interestingly, Al Chen, JPL's Entry Descent and Landing team lead said yesterday during the news conference that it is a misconception that the sky crane hovers. He said that it only actually hovers for about a second.


Edit: I should add that I'm really excited to eventually see the footage from the EDL cameras. We're all probably imagining how the landing looks, but I expect that the real thing is a lot more dynamic and scary. For example, I didn't realize what a "sucide burn" landing the Apollo landings were until I watched the documentary "Apollo 11" with it's overlaid altitude and speed data... This landing will be eye opening and impressive as heck.

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