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I designed a human in KSP's art style


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I had the thought of what humans would look like in KSP a while back, but I kept it in my head until now. Now, I decided to actually design what they would look like!

I knew KSP's art style was cartoonish, with the models sort of smoothed, so a human would be as well. They would either be a replacement for kerbals in RSS or another species to choose from (Interspecies cooperation?) that would have a different set of abilities and drawbacks. At least, that's what I'm thinking.

From a Kerbal's perspective, humans are horribly tall and lanky contraptions with less cool-looking but more practical suits, with a boring but brilliant logical mindset. In my headcanon they are actually the ones who made most of the game's anomalies and then moved on for unknown reasons.


Do you guys like it? What would you change? Would implementing them as a mod take a lot of balancing?

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