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UCS BF-109 G-6 "Mersu"


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BF-109 G-6 "Mersu"



It's been what feels like forever (about 3 years as it turns out...:blush:), but here it finally is, the UCS Bf-109, the plane most of you wanted to see me build next after the UCS Hurricane.

To give you a short story of what happened, during all this time. After the UCS Hurricane and asking you guys that what you'd like to see me build in this style, i built the UCS HE-111, as i taught it was the most interesting of all the suggestions. The Heinkel 111 turned out pretty badly in the end, it simply wouldn't fly, and the video along with it was pretty terrible...that basically totally killed my motivation for this project. a long time later i started building the UCS BF-109 as i really wanted to keep my promise of building some more of these, i got pretty far with it, but my motivation died again. After some time later, i realized this wouldn't work, if i was to fulfill my promise, i needed to make some changes.


And this the result of that change, instead of building a super-scaled super part hungry plane that barely flew, i should instead make these UCS builds in 1:1 scale.

To try and keep in spirit of the original parameters, what these new UCS builds offer, is a more or less miniaturized version of the UCS builds...with some simplifications of-course, but the overall build style and details is mostly there, in a more manageable and fun package this time. The builds will still have very high part-counts for something so small, and will still have performance limitations, but it's better than what we had before.


The old build ( for comparison)


This is what the old BF-109 looked like.




If i remember correctly, the part-count was over a 1000 by that point already.

My thinking back then was that if i chose a scale this big, i should surely be able to fit in all the details i wanted, and i guess at that time i was also thinking it would have the necessary room for a custom-built turboshaft engine. I personally went with the simple option of mounting a large propeller on an IR rotatron.

It was to be the big surprise, but the giant BF-109 actually has a turbo-shaft engine in it, with freely rotating rotatrons acting as bearings.

I had never tested that in the field, so this would have been the first one to have one. It would have likely still had some Goliath engines to help keep it going, but at-least this time there wouldn't be a high pitch squeak going on the whole time, just a lot more smoke instead.


Like i mentioned, the new build is a more or less miniaturized version of the old UCS build. I wanted to make sure that none of the essential details would be lost in translation to the original, in some places it was quite easy, and in others it was quite hard as things went pretty tiny in some places, most notably the cockpit interior.




I wanted to make sure pretty-much every gauge, every light and button is found on the dashboard.


The engine-bay has also been fitted with pretty-much all the details, minus some of the small piping.





Exterior markings, while semi-fictional, should also be pretty accurate. Pretty-much every angle of the aircraft i tried to replicate as close to the original as possible, to get me closer and closer to creating a truly photo-realistic replica some day.

I made this before the stock decals where added to the game, i could have switched the part-built ones to the Finnish decals i made/found, but i decided to stick with the part-built ones as that's how i made the in the original.

I decided pretty early on that even tough i taught of making the wings and landing-gear a little more photo-realistically by using tons of smaller panels and custom-built landing-gears, i should use a more simple and functional way of building them instead.

It's pretty funny to think now, but one of bigger challenges of this build was strutting the thing. While it's easy to scale down and miniaturize most of the bits, struts will always stay the same, and at this scale, they can seem pretty big and intrusive. It took some doing to effectively hide them in the best way possible.


Performance wise, id say things are pretty good in terms of overall flight characteristics, but i think it could really use some more speed and sharper controls...but, i feel what we have, is about as good as it gets, considering it's not that easy to shift the weight and add engine-power on this one.


Technical specs:

Top speed: 70-80 m/s.

Armaments: 3x 50.cal machine-gun

Length: 9.0m

Wingspan: 9.9m

Height: 3.3m

Mass: 6 tons

Parts: 556


Mods: Tweakscale, BD-armory, DCK

Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jczsqhfw1mv5tuj/BF-109 G-6 (FIN).craft?dl=0

And there it is...finally after 3 years, the mighty BF-109 G-6 in Finnish camo.

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