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Action Group Toggles for Fuel Tanks (And a few other things)

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When I'm launching something where the payload is a standalone ship, for example, I don't want my monopropellant to draw from the cargo/payload, so I disable that, right?  What if I have a bunch of monoprop tanks on the payload?  I'd have to go through clicking the fuel flow button on each tank and that takes time.

How about instead, I bind that to an action group for Deploy Payload: Activating engines, rcs thrusters, antennas, and fuel tanks all in one go?

On a side note, air intakes have a Toggle option in the Action Groups, and that comes in handy for spaceplanes.  However, I can't reliably rig that toggle to either my "Activate airbreathing mode" or my "activate closed-cycle mode" because it all depends on whether your intakes start open or closed, and your flight procedures may change depending on the misssion.  Intakes need an Open Intake and Close Intake option for action groups too, so I can have one succinct button to turn off my chemical motors, turn on my jet engines, and open my intakes; and vice versa.

Thank you for listening to my TED Talk.

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Making PAW toggles actionable from action groups -as a general rule- would be a great idea. It keeps coming up all the time, for all kinds of reasons, and they're all great.

Alas, action groups action apparently have to be coded in individually, which is why we've ended up with only a completely arbitrary selection of them, and we only get a new one every now and then at random intervals (and when we do, we go all wild over getting them and wonder how we ever got by without).

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