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How to get BG robotics to work correctly?

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I'm trying to make a hinge part, but can't get it to work correctly. The main issue is it doesn't open fully, stopping 3 degrees short.


Might be another symptom, but the current angle only goes up to 90, then back down once the part moves past 90


I've also noticed that when launching from the VAB, it always starts at 0deg, and then moves to the angle set in the VAB, instead of just starting at the set angle. The stock hinges don't do this, they launch at the angle set in the VAB.

Any help would be appricated, otherwise I'm just going to have to drop support for BG and just go IR.

The module in my cfg:

		name = ModuleRoboticServoHinge
		allowFullRotation = false
		servoTransformName = TopJoint
		baseTransformName = Base
		servoAttachNodes = top
		servoSrfMeshNames = COL2
		traverseVelocityLimits = 1, 30
		hardMinMaxLimits = 0, 180
		softMinMaxAngles = 0, 180
		targetAngle = 0
		modelInitialAngle = 0
		inverted = false
		mirrorRotation = false
		maxMotorOutput = 50
		driveSpringMutliplier = 100
		driveDampingMutliplier = 20
		motorizedMassPerKN = 0.0002
		motorizedCostPerDriveUnit = 1
		connectedMassScale = 1
		efficiency = 0.75
		baseResourceConsumptionRate = 0.02
		referenceConsumptionVelocity = 180
		jointParentRotation = 0,0,0,1
		servoTransformRotation = 0,0,0,1
		mainAxis = X
		useLimits = true

And the model hierarchy:


(I have tried some other hierarchy layouts too, like another game object above the base mesh)

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I got it working, and my testing seems to indicate there's some kind of hard cap of 177 degrees somewhere? So the model needs to be set up in a position where the full range of motion is less than 177 degrees away, to avoid hitting that 177 degree wall. I had my model set up in the closed position, with "modelInitialAngle = 0", but since that meant it'd need to move 180 degrees to fully open, it was hitting the hardcoded 177 degree limit. I adjusted the model so it was halfway open, with "modelInitialAngle = 90", and now it works. It also fixed the shown angle display not matching the target angle, and the differences in the VAB from flight.

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