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Stock props & lander leg cannons broken :)


So I just want to say that the Shared Horizons update appears to have nerfed my supersonic stock prop aircraft as well as lander leg cannons. 

It may be strange to complain about either of these issues as these designs could be counted as exploits. That said, having spent many hours designing my mach 2 and mach 3 prop planes it makes me sad when they  no longer can accelerate past 150m/s or so. The same goes for my cannon which now just goes splat when  activated.

If anyone knows a fix to make these work in the latest update please let me know :)

Spinner (no longer) Mach 2 plane https://kerbalx.com/Tyr_Anasazi/SPINNER-M2


Broken Island Cannon https://kerbalx.com/Tyr_Anasazi/Island-cannon 

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1) Sometime between 1.7 and 1.10, cargo-bays and fairings stopped protecting enclosed separate craft from the airstream.

So now the drive mechanism Spinner of the spinner feels the airflow and its drag.  Many stock bearings used fairings to hold their moving parts, so all of these are affected. 

Also, we can no longer safely re-enter with rescued Kerbals and parts loose inside a cargo bay, because they will feel re-entry heat.

No-one has reported this on the bug-tracker yet, but it would be nice to recover the old behaviour.


2) The landing gear used to kick violently when compressed all the way (bug 20682) but that stopped happening with version 1.8

Here, I don't see how to make the Cannon function as it did, without a behaviour that would not be welcome in normal use of landing legs.

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IF they are going to update the drag model, one welcome change would be clipped parts no longer producing drag or for it to be reduced by proportion of drag cube face that is clipped.  Also lift can be reduced.  Current model with fairings/cargo bays just seems a little too miserly.  Whatever goes inside the fairing/cargo bay needs to be protected from the air stream.

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On 8/16/2020 at 6:23 AM, OHara said:

No-one has reported this on the bug-tracker yet,

Now I've added an entry on the bug-tracker for the problem that affects stock prop aircraft https://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/issues/26405

I don't know exactly when the problem started, but if anyone does that might let Squad find what caused the change and maybe reverse it. 

It is sad that so many stock propeller craft no longer work, and that we can no longer recover parts and Kerbals in cargo bays, in version 1.10

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