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BobCat Ind. - Colonization, exploring and research vehicle


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Oh god, it looks so awesome! Good job Bobcat!


By the way, I prefer choice number 1 to the question on page 6, to have some sort of ascent module that can be used as a small base of operation.

I hope to be able to offer both options with time

Release it, please!

see first post

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bobcat is it possible for you to add some texture to the mark 2 demv

I do not understand what you mean

Can you whip up a crew module for the Praetorian? Maybe with a 3-crew capacity to match the capacity of the original DEMV. The adam's fantastic, by the way.

According to the plan and the crew will be 3. 2 inside the DEMV rover and one in the Delivery lander. Now I do not see any need to change the number of crew, the need for strong, you can do it yourself in the cfg file, change the line crewcapacity line. Thx.

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Because of the modular design, the payload you move the center of gravity of the rover. There is gentle and a little experience with ground tests to pick the load at which the center of mass is shifted slightly. Mass shell the pods must be equal to the mass of the payload, to the rover was able to take off vertically.When you walk on the surface of the center of mass of the planet is not so important.

it's important - Follow the shift of the center of mass at equipping your rover

I ... I don't get it? It looks like he used an English translator that botched it, you know how translators like to translate to Chinese then back to English just to make sure you totally don't understand a friggen thing they're saying?

Also, the chassis, add an anchor point at the rear and release an additional chassis without the weird middle bulkhead so that it can be used as a flat bed and attached as a trailer to the rover. That way people can tandem their trucks.

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This mod is awesome! it would be nice to see a shell type hull for when on launch. Bobcat in a egg sort of thing. It will look nicer. I forget which mod did this for there rover type mod but it was nice. It had a build in engine for landing and taking off again.

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I did some work on the bugs, which showed a lot of small and large technical and design errors. Thank you to the people who help them learn.

The most pressing problem at the moment, that the rovers too huge and heavy, they are hard to place in orbit other planets, and land by regular means.

This comes from the fact that I was counting on the use of standard parts (for space ships), and they are too large for ground equipment.

I have a lot to rethink, and then the rovers will be more small in size and weight, Ñ‚o make it easier to deliver to other planets. However, the rovers will not be forgotten, too, and try to bring them to a more comfortable use.

It also creates sets of parts for land rover is lightweight and size.

I'm also planning to include them in a little more than a third-party add-ons, such as solar panels, etc. for more functionality and realistic.

Thank you all for your feedback.

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Well, thank you for the first set of rovers, I thought they were perfect. The feeling when you got your rover to enter Dunas atmosphere and open the parachutes to make a successful landing were awesome.

One thing I'd like to see on one of the rovers before you go back to the drawing board is some sort of connector at the back on the vehicle, so you can stack them "upwards".

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Sorry you have to go back to the drawing board. For what it's worth, I thought these were great rovers, even the very first one; getting them to their destination is/was just part of the challenge.

Large rovers also useful when such base will be built in the world, they will carry weight and join base modules

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You don't know what you can place on the back? Well, here are some suggestions how to use the DEMV2

- a drilling rig (has been mentioned before)

- a fuel truck (with the fuel transfer mod)

- a dumper truck

- a transporter of small craft

- a carrier of (habitation) modules

- a mobile nuclear power generator

(Need some more?)

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