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BobCat Ind. - Colonization, exploring and research vehicle


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Yea , we have small animation skill


I'd say that is some <s>amazing</s> really quite decent animation skill

Happy now?


What's that thing hovering on top of the rover whilst its inside of the pod

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What's that thing hovering on top of the rover whilst its inside of the pod


How does it work, do you need to "decouple" the cart before it can drive off?

Optional, but recommended )))

ow do you make animations in KSP? I'm a new modder and i want to know

in animation window

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Awesome! makes it look that much better! will we see a version for the bigger DEMV?

I think no. Too big size.

This is the optimum size of the universal module for future kit .... colonization of the planet.

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We will certainly update the version DEMV Mark 2, and work on its software, including the lander for him. This is a very promising planetary truck that can carry large loads on the planet, helping to colonization.

Support DEMV Mark 1 will be stopped due to technical reasons.

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In fact, the DEMV Mark 2 also have animated the door, just before I never dealt with before the project animations drop box.

You remember, I recently started, and have not yet learned the most.

And I would like users to write, how they imagine a colony on the planet. Which buildings and what functions.

At the moment, the stages of colonization, I imagine so

Stage 1

Small recon rovers and and communications satellites (Choose a location for the colony, and explored deposits kethane)

Stage 2

Kethane drilling platform and medium truck whit kethane drills (Gas production and liquid fuels)

Stage 3

First living module with different functions (electry generators, solar panels, labs etc), send big truck ,

Stage 4

Construction of a permanent colony, combining residential units. Construction of the spaceport with the refueling init and ISS. Began flying in the atmosphere.

Stage 5

Terramorphing (lol )

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Phase 1 - sending unmanned rovers and sats to explore planet and possible settlement site

Phase 2 - unmanned rockets - in a series of missions sending up modules for sleeping in, oxygen unit ( if CO2 present in planet then this unit will draw in CO2 for plants to create O2 ) science unit, land based vehicle for astronauts and the last mission on it will be sending up a lander for returning back to home. ( electrical gens , water supply modules, communications dish and communications sat )

Phase 2 - human cargo - sending up the first colonists as an experiment of no more than 3 people for a max duration of 2 years ( every 2 years another three is sent up with new return lander and module expansions. also in this phase scientists will search for things like metals, water under the surface and stuff like Kethane.

Phase 3 - mining operations - within this phase modules that can contain and refine substances like Kethane for refuelling vehicles. So mission control doesn't need to fuel up a return vehicle. Also within this phase testing out off world metals in series of tests like strength density etc

Phase 4 - large scale colonization of a few families

Phase 4 - attempt to terraform planet

Within these steps on a regular basis the colony is being expanded upon.

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