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How to create high quality gifs [help needed]


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I'm looking for some tips and advice on which software to use to create and then host high quality gifs.
I mostly want to create short clips from KSP footage to post with craft, just to showcase a certain feature or show a pan around of the craft.  So nothing long, just around 10 second clips.

First, should I be creating .gif or .webm?

I've used a program called Wondershare Filmora to create both file types and it produces pretty ok quality, the webm versions have significantly smaller filesize. But which ever I create, when I upload them to imgur the end result is much more compressed and quality is poor. 
I see people posting insanely high quality gifs on imgur, so what is the trick?


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Maybe try uploading just a normal video format like mp4 to imgur. I checked out one of those super high quality gifs and judging by the url/file extension, it is an mp4. So they're not really gifs.

As long as the file size is less than 200 MB, it should work fine (200 MB is what I heard is the max size, I just tested a 188 MB video file and that seems to work fine). They should (if all is good) also autoloop, so you dont have to worry about that.

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Have this I made some years ago. 


Granted its an render and made of an an series of images as then I could just redo parts with bugs 
Used imgur.com but had to add 

[ img ]link [ / img ]

as imugr don't have this and this forum don't give img insertion.
Remove whitespaces as this broke code segment. 

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