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Official v0.18 Upcoming thread

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I would like to see some improvements made to the KSC, more surrounding buildings, better runway is needed, perhaps a launch tower that moves away from the pad when your ready to launch so you don't crash into it with a large rocket! maybe even some new kerbal animations, like some driving around it bubble cars xD

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Feels way too early to be talking about 0.18! I only just got into 0.17 earlier today, loving it, but there were a few interesting points made in that 8 hour livestream done the other day, where a lot of the KSP team was interviewed -

(they come in around 02:30:00 I believe)

Docking mentioned around 03:43:00 - implementing docking was explained as 'building a house', where the complete feature is the 3rd floor, Squad are still currently working on the 'ground floor' - so this makes it seem like docking is still a few updates away, its also described as being more than one feature, ie it sounds like docking is ultimately in the centre of several other features which also dont exist yet (like cargo, fuel transfer and other stuff we dont know about yet etc)

Heat system also sounds like its a fair way off, they mentioned that he had a more hack-ish reentry/heat system working a while back, but it doesnt sound like a proper system is being worked on yet.

I tried looking for a particular part when I believe I remember 0.18 being mentioned, they seemed to be learning towards at some point an update to focus a lot on optimisations, Id guess either 0.18 or 0.19 will be focusing a lot in this area (yay!)

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Perhaps one thing they could do is make the asteroid belt that many of you want, but have it between Jool and the upcoming planets, and name it the "Oopdater Belt"

Hahah I really have to second this idea.

in .18 all I want are new planets and some new stock rover parts.

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My hopes/guesses for 0.18

-Finish modelling the other 2 space plane cockpits

-Add rest of planets + asteroid belt (as mentioned in wiki)

-New, unmanned capsule/computer for probes/rovers etc.

-Multiple CM's on one ship (not for docking, but for say a Jool orbiter, with 4 extra ships to go to its moons, or even a double satellite lauch like the ariane 5 (spelling) does sometimes)

-Some sort of weather, and re-entry heat

-New VAB/SPH inventory screen thingo

-Extra parts? Don't know what, but just more variety :D

-More training/scenarios (I don't need them, its just interesting how the devs intend the game to be played :D )

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Misspelled Belt (shut up :P)
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Personally, I'd like to see a quick fix for the exploding ship bug (have a 0.17a, perhaps?), then I'll certainly be very satisfied with waiting for whatever's next :).

I'd love to see where they're going with the training and scenarios, and I'm wondering when we'll get stuff in Decals and Crew.

I'd also like to see ships that can fly without crew - it doesn't always make sense to send crew somewhere.

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For anyone unfamiliar with KSP's outer solar system planets...

Judging by the distance between jool and duna I would guess that the asteroid belt may be between them to make it like our solar system but in the end this is Nova's decision

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Of course you will be able to. Why wouldn't we? But the chances of that ever happening is soooooo slim. Just a slight correction course to get out of the way and your fine.

so would crashing into a meteor destroy the meteor as well?

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We don't need new planets, we need a mechjeb-like assist to help us get to the planets without wasting time and fuel!

I would rather if they are going to make something like that, that they do it far down the road.

I'd rather they put effort in to other things.

If you like that sort of thing, use mechjeb.

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Can 0.18 have docking feature, Crew-Task feature, and abort sequence for Flight Operation, all the feature to Space Center (You can push back, but no later than version 0.24), most of the feature of the Physics/Dynamics, most of the Senery/Graphic (Planets, moons, and Astroids are priority) (No later than 0.28), and... that's it. But Docking, Crew-task feature, reentry heat, abort sequense feature, mission control room, observatory room, and astronaut complex are the priority that have to come no later than KSP v0.20.

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What I'd like to have:


- Scenery on kerbin/other planets, like mountainous rivers and kerbin villages to fly over, perhaps even make more airstrips on the planet(s)


- Wireframe function, so when you radially mount a SRB, you can easily attach a strut to the hull and then to the SRB. Sort of a click through option for some parts

- Retexture of the fuel line, so it points an arrow in the direction of travel of the fuel, perhaps a switch button too, so it's mounted the other way around easily


- Docking parts

- Square parts, so you can make nice space stations

- Bulkhead parts, space stations


- Optimization on the PhysX engine, so that 150+ parts don't make your computer drop to 1 fps

- Always annoyed by the launch tower that keeps clipping my canards off on some of my bigger builds

- Randomly exploding ships in deep space

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