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Official v0.18 Upcoming thread

Capt'n Skunky

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Next major step, as far as I can tell, will be IVAs and the rest of the Kerbol system. The next 3 gas planets, an ice planet, and the asteroid belt, that is. I doubt they'll finish docking.

Do want:

- Some indicator of the other orbital parameters (planets included!). Even just ascending node would be nice. Maybe a leading angle feature, also?

- A precision-control mode for the camera in map view. It would make it easier to closely zoom in on planetary encounters so that users could finely adjust entrance trajectories.

- Devs to enjoy how well KSP has turned out.

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Am looking forward to more signs of life on Kerbin.

Jebs Scrapyard for instance i have a vision my head how i want it to look, and small craters around it from failed home made stuff, I also picture some of his buildings to be like that from Mad Max crossed with borderlands.with a bit of an airplane grave yard feel to it in some desert some where.

I feel now there is enough content for people not to get bored, I'm thinking now they are going to work on the Astronauts training building and the decals to. Maybe add more parts and some kind of mission planning thingy.

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Things I'd love to see:

1. Docking

2. Docking parts

3. More landing parts

4. To be able to make stations, (Other space centres, stations on planets etc.)

5. Mission planner

6. Autopilot (optional, you can still control your ship if you want)

7. Career mode

8. More spaceplane parts

9. Finished IVA

10. Atmosphere re-entry effects

11. Recruiting Kerbals

12. Able to refuel planes after you landed on the runway

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The main thing I want next update is docking, followed by more planets and parts. VABs in other places besides the starting area (A heavy part, where several need to be landed in one area to create a new VAB) would be nice too, but it probably won't be here for a while.

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I think it's pretty clear that .18 needs to be known as the optimization update.

My rig is no slouch, and it lags a bit when loading the textures on planet/moon EVA's. And i specifically made this computer for gaming. I would honestly hate to see how this game reacts on a lesser built computer system.

So, the ONLY two things i would think are "needed", for .18, are as follows:

Code Optimization: This makes the game, not only far more stable, but also easier for players that do not own gaming rigs to further enjoy KSP.

Finish out the Kerbol System: This gives more space in further updates to add new things, and not need to spend time on planets, and moons.


Things that would be cool to have, but can honestly wait:

1. The beginnings of the Career mode, perhaps coupled with an easy way to mod such things:

This would allow just about anyone to create missions, and whatnot, opening up a HUGE amount of things to do.

2. Official Rovers. There are an awful lot of easter eggs that most don't even bother with, as getting your landing perfect enough to be able to quickly get to them isn't a viable option.

3. With the Rovers, implement the very basic type of Docking. Simply put, a module that has a Lock/Unlock feature. When it's locked, anything attached to it is held in place. when unlocked, they are not. This would make for a very simple way to dock, and undock. When moving something back towards something that has been undocked, hitting the key that is set to lock, would reattach the parts together.

This is my 50 cents worth. :D

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My wishlist

- more detailed part list in VAB/SPH

- docking

- life support system modules (electricity, oxygen, water, food)

- capsules fitted with the usual basic control and reentry thrusters and heath shield.

- flight data telemetry and recording

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My suggestions for v0.18:


*Docking at least half implemented.

*Docking parts that can hook on the side of spacecraft.

*New propulsion engines.

*Heat from re-entry due to friction.

*Fire around cockpit during re-entry.

*The ability to move in spacecraft, or docked ship.

*Fuel tanks hooked on side/external fuels tanks.

*External RCS fuel.

*Ability to make own Kerbal name.


*(Bug/Glitch Fix) Parachutes don't merge into each other.

*FPS in EVA.

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All in all, I'm loving 0.17. However, the biggest problem I'm facing is the parts added in 0.16. No matter what I do to change the design, the spacecraft will still explode.

What I'm looking for in 0.18 is Docking, Part Revisions, the rest of the solar system, and possible reentry heat.

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but in the end this is Nova's decision

No. It's not.

More planets will not come for a long time. In the near term we'll be looking at improvements to existing planets, applying polish, etc.

We have a basic idea of what we want to do for 0.18 already, although I don't really know details (if I could, it's not like I could say)

PS: Stop suggesting docking. It's not happening in 0.18. Besides, you guys have two docking mods to play with in the meantime! :)

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I really hope they implement some kind of mission planner or in-flight calculator. I've been having a heck of a time just trying to get to one of the planets, using that cool transfer calculator and a flippin' protractor held up to my screen.

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Using the nuke engine you don't really have to jump through hoops to land on the new stuff, I've got everywhere except Moho (haven''t tried yet) just getting out to the orbit of the planet I'm going to, circularize my orbit slightly larger than the planets orbit, then waiting for it to get close..slow down and there you are...with lots of fuel left over.

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I've been having a heck of a time just trying to get to one of the planets, using that cool transfer calculator and a flippin' protractor held up to my screen.

The most recent build of MechJeb can provide the angles. Although I currently recommend avoiding using the most recent build of MechJeb for the transfer itself, as it tends to hit the explosion bug.

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What i think would be implemented in 0.18 is:

-All Commando Pods are having IVA Cockpits

-A few new planets with features. It is kinda boring to land on a planet, cause they're all a kind of the same planets with only different sizes and colors.

-Docking. (Probably not, but maybe.)


-The Probe Center. A few of us wanna land some probes on Planets, to check the planet out! It would be kinda cool. Or rover Center. Whatever. That would be pretty awesome if they could add something like that. And the probes should be difficult to fly and everything. They should be complex like real Probes. And you can do IVA in those Probes. What you gona see is a camera. If you press on the Camera screen a button, you can get into the command pod of that probe. You will see a few buttons, and a display. There is a button for the Solar Panels, Wheels, and so on. You will need Energy to use the wheels, and the energy engine.

EDIT: After Deploying the Probe from the Rocket, you can't see the Probe from outside anymore. Only the camera. That would be so freaking realistic! :D

Just some ideas for the update. :)

(Sorry for my bad english. I'm from Germany. ._.)

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a list of what i think could happen in 0.18 in order of probability of implementation

1.the rest of the planets (there have been mentions of more gas giants and an ice planet

2.docking parts (put on hold for too long)

3.accurate planetary and moon angle bearing readings (easier to get there)

4.easter eggs

EDIT-1 and 2 removed because of ignorance

Edited by Spearka
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So let me get this right. What we all want for ksp 0.18 is errr,pretty much the same as we all wanted for 0.17

more planets


heat re entry


i cant wait to see the next 0.19 thread, i wonder whats gonna be in there????? hmmmmm

sorry to be a killjoy lol

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I think that, for now, there are enough planets and moons to keep me entertained for a long time. However there are a few things I'd like to see in the upcoming updates:

Docking (can be done with mods for now but official support would be nice)

More scenarios with some incentive to complete them, perhaps you unlock new stock parts/kerbonaut or it provides in game currency. Which leads me to my next point...

I'd like to see the Career mode evolve a bit. Implement the in game currency/unlocking parts/buying kerbonauts/taking mission contracts etc.

I know these are probably not realistic hopes for the next mod but I don't expect them all. I'd just like to see a few of them.

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Something many forget, we need a navigation tool in place before docking is implemented. And the rest of the capsules can have their IVA environment completed. THEN docking and a small and a long crew module would be nice. Somethinglike a short 2m and a long 1m for starters, would let us build lots of stuff.

No need for more planets yet, as there are lots of possible fun with the ones we have.

But seriously, we need a navigation/planning tool to make docking and interplanetary trips a bit more reliable.

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I'm loving .17, but one can always hope for more in .18!

-I would like to be able to swap out command modules and the like in the VAB after I finish a rocket. Makes things easier.

-Docking is great and all, but I would be content with a simple Gemini style docking system. One that lets you rendezvous in orbit, link up, and EVA crew transfer-but I don't mind if it's not warp capable yet. Just plain and simple rendezvous and docking that works.

-I don't want any new planets yet, but I would love to see the existing planets fleshed out. Maybe put some cities on Kerbal (And have them light up at night! It would be so cool to look at the surface of Kerbin speckled with the lights of Kerbmanity). Valleys on Duna. Little islands on Eve and

Laythe. Maybe even methane gas vents on Minmus and the like.

-Something to do when you get to the planets. Like, collect scientific data.

-Improved EVA. I really wish there could be a little action to stick a flag in the ground, or the ability to have Kerbals set up scientific packages on a planet. Or possibly even to make adjustments on a ship in orbit. For example, you could launch a ship with a certain liquid fuel engine on the orbit stage, but Kerbals could get out of the ship and swap the engine with say, a nuclear engine stored onboard (that would count for part of the weight).

-Improved IVA. It would be so much fun to see Jeb float around and eat space food.

-Data read-outs similar to those given by Mechjeb.

-Some kind of dev supported water landing gear or whatnot. Tosh has a great mod, but with Eve and Lathye, water is now a bigger part of the game. Maybe make it some sort of airbag even(which would be great for Duna Landings as well)

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