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Perfecting Helicopter Controls

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Helicoptering is coming along great, there is one thing that I think can "perfect" it.  Make every kind of helicopter possible, some just are not right now like true Chinooks for example.  Drone yaw and other yaw often needs KALs to change engine RPMs(bad for true helicoptering) rather than swash plates used to create differential torq.

Solution to this and all future helicoptering control options :

There are only 6 possible helicopter control mechanisms :

Cyclic Pitch +
Cyclic Pitch -
Cyclic Roll +
Cyclic Roll -
Collective +
Collective -

Solution: Allow manual assignment of control mechanisms to axis, and when there is a conflict, mix(add) them together, just as is done in Chinook manual where it talks about rotating round the front or back engine, yaw and roll are used together, and there is a mixing system.

Right now, the options for a designer are : 

pitch { active, inactive }
yaw : { active, inactive }
roll : { active, inactive }

There is only a choice between : { active, inactive }.  And if active, the logic will choose and automatically assign a cyclic or collective control based upon best guess as to what it should be(for horizontal blades, pitch = Cyclic Pitch, roll = Cyclic roll, yaw = does nothing, for vertical blades, pitch = does nothing, yaw = Collective, roll = Cyclic pitch.  And these assignments are automatically chosen by KSP.). 

Instead :

pitch : { off, auto, cyclic pitch+, cyclic pitch-, cyclic roll+, cyclic roll-, collective+, collective- }
yaw: { off, auto, cyclic pitch+, cyclic pitch-, cyclic roll+, cyclic roll-, collective+, collective- }
roll : { off, auto, cyclic pitch+, cyclic pitch-, cyclic roll+, cyclic roll-, collective+, collective- }

And the helicopter designer can choose which input should correspond to which control mechanism.

When there is a conflict, for example, in a true Chinook design, Cyclic roll would be assigned to both roll and yaw.  Just add together the values and clip the maximum, same as happens according to Chinook manual.  Very simple and easy, and allows full control of designers of how helicopters work, and opens up Chinooks and differential torq for quad copters using cyclic rather than RPM.  Full options are there for those who need them and "auto" is there which does the same as is now for those who dont/cant learn how swash plates work and correctly choose what is needed.

Thank you,


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