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Kerbin Circumnavigation Challenge - updated for KSP 1.10

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Well, in any case, I'll enter the Velocity Division. I'll use the same plane I used to kick off my "80 Minutes" challenge.

  • I had to fly it again due to the 1.10 rule, and I originally flew December last year.



  • "Bill's Car" right before takeoff
  • Bill's in the cockpit.
    • He doesn't need to worry about not being able to control the plane, for he has a probe core.



  • Working on a cruising speed and altitude.



  • Flying at 18,500 m altitude at 1,350 m/s
    • When I tried 1400 m/s, I eventually blew up from overheating.
  • Used MJ Autopilot for most of the flight.


When the cockpit heat meter got too high, I had to cut the engine for a bit so that it could cool down while the plane glided. While it saved Bill's life, it cost me some precious time.



  • So close to the runway.



  • TIME: 53 minutes, 35 seconds
    • So close to beating my previous time.
      • Stupid aerodynamic update.
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Ok.  Just finished it, will get the details in the next few days.  38:53 was the best I was able to do.

Available on KerbalX:  https://kerbalx.com/linuxgurugamer/Mach-V


Grr.  Video shows 38:54, I'll have to do it one more time.  At least it will get me tied for 2nd.  It actually landed with parachutes (made a slight miscalculation as to height), will be trying again in a day or so



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Wow, that's a lot of engines, and well done!  You've been added to the leaderboard.  If I were in a pedantic mood, I would disqualify your entry on a number of points:

1) you have RAPIERs, but no preflight screenshot showing no LF
2) your screenshot at the end does not show the craft at a full stop
3) you are not within 1.1km of the KSC
4) No F3 screenshot
5) No screenshot on the far side of the planet

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He hasn't posted in here that I'm aware of.  Going that far on a Goliath is impressive, especially with no autopilot, and managing heat with flags is a new trick I've never heard of.  That craft had well over 1,200 parts, though.  Yeesh, how on earth did his computer handle that?  Rigid Attachment, maybe?

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