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The idea was a transport where efficiency and range are more important than speed. That's an idea though; I'm not much for recreations, but a jet version could be interesting


*edit* forgot to mention: The boomerang is 100% stock, but testing it with the FAR mod is ialso inersting. It actually performs almost the same as without FAR. Cool

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Hey guys, any ideas on my own flying wing?

I tried to recreate the Arsenal Bird from the game Ace Combat 7:


So I wanted to do it in miniature version first, Mk 1 RGU, 8 Mk1 batteries and 2 airliner wings and for the engines I did BG rotors, but in takeoff when I throtled up and deployed the blades, the thing just smashed the nose in the ground, if I throtled slightly, it just spinned out of control, and yes the rotors were (I believe) configured correctly, so anyone knows why?

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did you use the f12 atmospheric markers? it sounds like something is pointed in the wrong direction. How about the rotors? Did you alternate clockwise/counterclockwise to cancel out the torque?


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1 hour ago, lucho said:

did you use the f12 atmospheric markers?

Yeah everytime I always do that, so it first seemed normal when blades are not deployed, but when I deploy them the pink and yellow bars point to the aft of the plane, but then again the nose smashes into the ground, I tried moving the nose gear all the way into the front, again, no luck.

So I VesselMoved it up to 100M, throtled to full and the thing flat-sppined rolling to the front, even at idle throtle it was out of control.

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