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Questions About KSP2

Dr. Kerbal

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HI! In the forum we ask and try to answer questions about KSP2? What planets will there be? Is Minmus gonna have ice craem? Will Jeb return? Who knows!

Will Jeb, Bill, and Bob return to KSP2???

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Duna is the mars of KSP. Duna is a red planet with a thin atmosphere. But when building your rocket you lander should still be heat torrent. Dont underestimate Duna. So if you making a perminet lander, pack a heat shield. Make you rocket. Wait for a Duna transfer window. Duna should be ahead of Kerbin at 45 degrees (you can go whenever but you wasting fuel at that point). You need to get into orbit which will be about 2000 dv to get into orbit and maybe do some Duna encounter munuver burns. Once in orbit make your maneuver on the dark side then drag it out until you get a KERBIN escape. Look and see if the target markers show up. Play with it a bit and see if you get a duna encounter. Then burn for Duna and timwarp to Duna. Along the way you can bring your perreapsis closer to duna to aero brake to get into duna orbit. Once at duna you areobrake or burn retrograde. Then burn retrograde to land on Duna. if you dont want to land with boosters make sure to bring lots of parracutes then. Wait till you landed. Done! Welcome to Duna!!!!

and scott kermin not in KSP2!? im not sure if i can can that!?

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