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R.E.M.T. (Really Enormous Monster Truck)

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Jebediah and some of his colleagues complained that most rover designs are cramped, uncomfortable, slow and just not very sustainable for long distance exploring. Their list of demands included:

  1. Lots of room for at least 15 kerbals, to be able to socialise, conduct experiments and live comfortably for long periods
  2. Speed - a top speed of at least 100 km/h, in order to be able to quickly move from site to site
  3. True all-terrain, all body capability - able to cross the most difficult terrain on all of Kerbals celestial bodies (except Jool which has no surface)
  4. Self-sustaining - Must be able to run indefinitely.
  5. Should be easily deployable anywhere in the Kerbol system.

Obviously the design had to be big in order to accommodate so many explorers, and the required speed could not be reached using stock wheels so, I made my own wheels and came up with R.E.M.T. (Really Enormous Monster Truck). Kerbal Beta testers so far are giving it rave reviews. Hopefully soon it will be complete and I can release it on KerbalX.

  • Kerbal capacity: 23
  • Mass: 73 tons
  • Powered by: Fuel Cells
  • Mining capability: Yes
  • Top speed: 100 km/h
  • Stock: Yes with BG DLC 

Each wheel has its own electric motor, which can be tuned to suit various locations (in low gravity you want reduced torque and RPMs, and vice versa in high gravity). 

The chassis is more or less a separate structure from the upper modules so can be modified to be pretty much anything.

For deployability of this monster to anywhere, I developed the RARV (Ridiculous Atmospheric Reentry Vehicle)



REMT is a large vehicle capable of carrying up to 23 Kerbals



This image shows how REMT steers its wheels



REMT has good suspension and can tackle rough surfaces at high speed






It's happy on the Mun



Or Eve



Or Laythe


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